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Hello guys! I want too here your ideas and views on putting a team together, so what's the best way too assemble a team? Myself I have been playing airsoft for years now, been to many games on my own and with a few friends who were trialling the sport. Never been apart of a solid team, but its something I wanna do but struggling too make happen. I have always been a social person at games and a good sportsman. Its just getting the confidence to mention teams and asking if you can join, i know things are harder at the minute with covid and distancing. Just wanting too expand my circle, and get stuck in with a team/group. Attending games/events up and down the country, instead of just playing at the same local sites (once everything is open again of course). 

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Most people on here tend to go with this:


Go to games and talk with people, establish friends first and if they are in a team they may invite you or once you're friendly enough with them discuss it then. Starting a team with randomers may be less beneficial 

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As above. thats how our team came about, just played at our local site all got chatting and ended up forming a team after a while.


Dont force yourself to start a team, i was playing for a few years on my own/with a couple mates before the idea of a team even happened.

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Hi @JordzReloaded! 👋

I’ve mentioned this in a video and a lot will share on here their experience!

Been through the positive side, as well as the negative side! My simple saying for a team!

“True colours and True characters!”


Good luck with the team!?.... 🤞👍


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Basically as everyone else has said if you have to ask to join a team or you ask players who you only casually know or don’t know at all to form a team I 💯 guarantee it’ll end in tears ! Only teams that work are the ones that all where friends before the team was formed or players where known to the team and invited to join it .👍

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Hey chap,

It is easier to follow than lead. 

If you want to be part of a team, find an already established team and start to hang out with them at games.
Strike up conversation or just straight up asked if you can join them.

They will either be very welcoming or clique wankers, who you don't need if you life. 

Or see who you usually end up playing with and just make it official. People will naturally join if you are seeing playing well at a site. 

The team I am in started much that way. 
Went to Fire Fight in Reading about 20years ago, struck up conversation with a guy in the safe zone.
Kept in contact and eventually joined his team of about 4-5. 
Now we are still in the same team and while we have lost member who moved away/on. We have gained some too. 
Sitting around 5-6, which is more than enough to be fair. 

Along the way, I made friends with other teams and they range from about 10 to around 25 people.
I drop in and out of them as suits and yeah.. It just works. 

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First you need to find a captain who can think of the plans and revel in the success while smoking a cigar. Then you'll need a big tough guy who has an irrational fear of flying, possibly partial to milk. You'll need a suave pretty con man type. Finally a zany guy who seems to have the ability to get you out of all sorts of scrapes with his wild antics. You can just hang at the back an glory in their awesomeness.

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