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  1. sharpe


    you may even be better off selling each item separately
  2. message them via facebook they are very active on there.
  3. sharpe

    Nuprol XL hard case.

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Selling my used Nuprol XL hard case, it has pick and pluck foam but as you can see from the pictures it has been used. how ever replacement costs £19.95 (https://www.fatbobs.co.uk/nuprol replacement hard case foam.html make sure you select XL size). getting rid of it as its taking up too much room and managed to get everything into a fabric bag. It has marks on the case as expected but everything works as it should. Looking for £30 Collection only (due to size) from Southampton. Any questions drop me a message 🙂


    Southampton - GB

  4. I remember seeing one of these going at my local site going for £200 a couple of years ago, wish i had picked it up now!
  5. sharpe

    Tm Parts

    Yeah tried them, also signed up for alerts when/if they get them back in stock
  6. sharpe

    Tm Parts

    yeah i've tried eagle 6 the parts i need are out of stock i have signed up for alert emails as well. i've looked through but they don't even have the parts listed that i need but i shall try dropping them an email see if they can get it.
  7. sharpe

    Tm Parts

    so my TM Scar CQC decided to break some parts recently and of course with it being TM its dam near impossible to find the replacements in stock anywhere. Does anyone have any idea where might have some parts in stock? ive looked through the normal uk sites and even the foreign sites but still no joy
  8. welcome aboard!! might i recommend having a look through Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread, found in general discussion always a good laugh to look through
  9. I have flinched so many times after hearing a "ting" next to me or just behind me and all i've heard is "I F**king hit you, come on!" even seen some heated arguments between players about it before.
  10. Got an email from this guy wanting to swap that for a KSG (had it up for swaps dated back in 2018) Seems to be a lot of information on this one, plus i'm pretty sure you can get the same but cheaper brand new
  11. if no hand up or even remotely up, then I'll take one shot at them (aim at plate carrier, somewhere you'll hear it at least I'm not being a dick if they are already dead) if they are dead already its a gentle reminder to put their hand up, if they are trying to be sneaky then I've got them.
  12. Put a fresh bulb in, dunk it in a bucket of water and wait for the bubbles. or put your ear to the mag and listen you'll soon find out if you have a leak.
  13. wait I'm confused (easily done) if that gun hasn't been used or even taken out of the box why not return it saves losing money
  14. As above. thats how our team came about, just played at our local site all got chatting and ended up forming a team after a while. Dont force yourself to start a team, i was playing for a few years on my own/with a couple mates before the idea of a team even happened.

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    Looking for a Wolverine Hydra Gen 2, prefer it to have the Real Sword SVD nozzle on it but, not fussed if it doesn't.



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