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  1. wait I'm confused (easily done) if that gun hasn't been used or even taken out of the box why not return it saves losing money
  2. As above. thats how our team came about, just played at our local site all got chatting and ended up forming a team after a while. Dont force yourself to start a team, i was playing for a few years on my own/with a couple mates before the idea of a team even happened.

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    Looking for a Wolverine Hydra Gen 2, prefer it to have the Real Sword SVD nozzle on it but, not fussed if it doesn't.



  4. its mad, I kind of bought the SVU without doing the research first so now I'm paying for it, hence why I decided to go slight to the companies as they should know what fits in what. Now the struggle of finding a Hydra gen 2 Real Sword SVD kit that's in stock. but I am determined it do this, came into some money and fed up of seeing M4 HPA.
  5. So just a quick update to all this, I emailed both wolverine and polarstar directly asking if a real sword kit would fits fine. Wolverine got back to me today saying that's correct.
  6. Thanks from what I've been reading the nozzle size is 16.9mm same as the real sword one, but finding a system that as a nozzle in stock is a pain. found that Polarstar do a Cyma SVD nozzle but its a matter of finding it in stock.
  7. yeah the nozzle length is where the issue would seem to be at the moment, as they don't seem to make one for the Cyma SVU. Thanks for the info I'll have a look at polestar and see what I can find.
  8. Hi all! So i recently purchased a Cyma SVU with the intention of HPAing it, ive done as much looking through the net and here as i can but keep coming up empty as to what system will fit it? i know it will likely have to be a Wolverine Hydra Gen 2. But then i come across the issue of there not being a spacific nozzle for the Cyma. With what info i have found there is a RS svd kit that apparently will fit fine, but ive only seen one post about that, any one able to shed any light on what i might need?
  9. yeah i have seen the price of 3000 0.36 bb's, i just hope i don't have to go heavier then that.although to be honest i don't play very often (can go months of work shift patterns not falling right) I would tweak it but i have no idea what im doing with an r-hop (working on them at least) the work all got done by Kingdom of airsoft.
  10. bought 3000 geoffs 0.32g bb's for my freshly r-hopped scar, ran them today for the first time.Turns out with the hop off/first click the 0.32's are over hopping looks like ill have to get heavier bb's
  11. Purchased some work to be done to my TM Scar at Kingdom Of Airsoft: R-Hop Full gearbox servicing Spring change Lonex gears Gate Titan and fitted can't wait to get it back
  12. so bought a new toy, well toys the other day. A new TM Glock 18c and a CAA Micro Roni carbine kit to go with it
  13. even with both slides and a case, that is still too expensive for my liking.
  14. ah okay sorry my bad, in that case im not sure never fiddled with a V7 gearbox
  15. V3 is meant for a V3 gearbox and a V7 is meant for a V7 gearbox
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