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  1. sharpe

    Zero One lead the way for CS

    Think pretty much all the major websites do finance now.
  2. sharpe

    Zero One lead the way for CS

    i used to think Z1 was great until i bought an Armorer Works split slide hi cappa plus and extra co2 mag. bought it in store guy in there was great really friendly. on its first game it just wasn't right would burst fire or wouldn't cock the hammer back far enough this was both on green gas and co2. Rung up their helpline and all i got was its because its cold, we can take it back but all we will do is lube it up and send it back (which i would have to pay for postage both ways not sure how that works as it was a fault with the product they had sold me) then pretty much ended the call there. this got me frustrated as they had fobbed me off over the phone the guy i spoke to sounded like he really didn't care and could be bothered. Seeing as i lived in Southampton i decided to to drive to the shop see if they could help, got there the same guy who sold it to me helped me, he tried it and couldn't work out why it was the having issues, he cleaned it out and re-lubed it there and then, but still same issues. he took it off me and got it sent to the warehouse to get sorted and said id get a phone call when its all fixed. Week passed by got a call saying it was ready to collect, they said i had to go to the shop to collect. asked what they found was wrong and again with a cant be bothered tone of voice and bluntness just said "nothing needed lubing". picked it up worked fine but you could see they had done more then just "lube it" (marks on the hammer and grip that was not there when i dropped it off). shop guys = good laugh, helpful and friendly. guys over the phone = complete let down, didnt even seem bothered.
  3. sharpe

    BB Shower

    think we have all been there at some point 😂
  4. sharpe

    TM M&P9L PC ported

    i'll admit this is tickling my pickle. hope a good metal slide kit comes out might look at getting it then.
  5. sharpe

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    im sure its fine was in it for less then a minute just for the picture, can use them in the rain cant see what harm the snow would do in less then a minute. no battery was in it.
  6. sharpe

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Just went down to Combat South and bought my self a brand new Tokyo Marui recoil Scar-L CQC [/URL]
  7. sharpe

    Which TM model

    Well guys thank you for all the advice today I took the plunge and got a brand new TM scar-L cqc from combat south haven't shot it yet but it feel sold just holding it.
  8. sharpe

    Which TM model

    so the Scar L is actually good at CQB? so the next opinion is to go new or 2nd hand?
  9. sharpe

    Which TM model

    I guess if you want more realistic recoil feel then a GBBR is the way to go. well once I've got the car fixed I can see what I have left money wise, then see what is available on the market at the time to make the decision as to weather it will be a 416D or a Scar L,
  10. sharpe

    Which TM model

    god dam it why I cant I afford all 3. that would make it easier. I love how the scar H look but size of the mags is a pan plus I would have to buy new mag pouches. so looks like i'm leaning more towards the 416D or the scar L. so from what I've read in these few replies that its more cosmetics when it comes to choosing between the 2? did read somewhere that the 416D has a much stronger recoil?
  11. sharpe

    Which TM model

    Right this may open a can of worms. I've been looking at TM recoil's now I'm a bit stuck as to which one to go for so looking for recommendations, it's between 416D, Scar L or Scar H. Not really interested in AK models or the G36 models. What would people suggest? And why? Or even why not. If you dont rate them then what other brand would you suggest that make quality AEG of these models for the people that will say TM's are over priced and not worth the money.
  12. sharpe

    torch for ucap on thursday

    if its the bunker on portsdown hill just outside of Portsmouth your going to, isn't their evening games on a Wednesday evening? unless this is a private game your going to then I stand corrected. also If I remember right you might be able to rent a torch, best to give them a call if not and your local to Portsmouth there is an airsoft shop called combat south they sell torches.
  13. sharpe

    Rails and Stocks on two tone guns

    so to make it a non two tone gun? if so then you'd need a defence I believe (UKARA or site membership) If you have said of either defence then its not an issue. if not then id not recommend it till you do get a defence.
  14. sharpe

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    bought my self a TM KSG im sure we all know what they look like so I wont put a picture up.
  15. sharpe


    would love for santa to bring me a KWA Kriss Vector, but that's not going to be for a while possibly next Christmas