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  1. yeah i have seen the price of 3000 0.36 bb's, i just hope i don't have to go heavier then that.although to be honest i don't play very often (can go months of work shift patterns not falling right) I would tweak it but i have no idea what im doing with an r-hop (working on them at least) the work all got done by Kingdom of airsoft.
  2. bought 3000 geoffs 0.32g bb's for my freshly r-hopped scar, ran them today for the first time.Turns out with the hop off/first click the 0.32's are over hopping looks like ill have to get heavier bb's
  3. Purchased some work to be done to my TM Scar at Kingdom Of Airsoft: R-Hop Full gearbox servicing Spring change Lonex gears Gate Titan and fitted can't wait to get it back
  4. so bought a new toy, well toys the other day. A new TM Glock 18c and a CAA Micro Roni carbine kit to go with it
  5. even with both slides and a case, that is still too expensive for my liking.
  6. ah okay sorry my bad, in that case im not sure never fiddled with a V7 gearbox
  7. V3 is meant for a V3 gearbox and a V7 is meant for a V7 gearbox
  8. sharpe

    TM G18C


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    Looking for a tm g18c before I go and buy it new, wouldn't mind it with some mags, but not fussed



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    Make: WEGun/Model: PDW 8" tan Accessories: Gun, original mag (holding gas at the moment but was leaking) x4 WE P Mags gas tight (1 with white tape leaks at the fill valve) Condition: very good, minor marks (see pictures)FPS: 310 (gas dependent)Pictures: attached For sale i have an open bolt WE PDW 8"in Tan, got this in a swap but another gun has come up that i now want so this has to go to free the cash up for that (so no swaps). Gun has only been to a site to be chrono'd (wasn't played with) great gun for CQB the stock folds over making it really compact. previous owner said it had RA level 3, full steel internals, 6.01 barrel, autobot hop rubber, RA magic pin, IFS restricter and G36 muzzle. The original mag was being abit funny with leaking but its currently holding gas, the P Mags are gas tight except for the mag with the white tap that one is leaking from the fill valve. previous owner used propane Chrono'd in at about 310 . looking for £120. Thanks for looking any questions please just ask, i can supply more pictures or even videos of it fully working if requested. collection or i can come to you if close to Southampton.



  10. sharpe

    TM KSG

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    Make: Tokyo Marui Gun/Model: KSG Accessories: 6 TM shells (1 not pictured), Velcro shell holder, 1 gas tight tank, Laylax extended mag release, original box. Condition: very good, minor marks (see pictures)FPS: sub 350 (gas dependent)Pictures: attached looking to swap for either something CQB friendly or a decent sniper. to be honest worst i can say is no so have at it. I've had the KSG from new it is in great working order with minor marks (cosmetic due to rubbing against plate carrier doesn't effect working of gun), comes with 6 TM shells all working fine, the gas tank is leak free. I've installed the Laylax extended mag release (common issue is shell change is fiddly but this makes life so much easier, actually means the shells eject without issue). the gun has been well looked after clean it after every game. can be switched between 3 or 6 shot. when you rack the gun it sounds so nice (turns a fair few heads). reason i'm looking to swap is as much as it is a fun gun to use it just isn't to my play style. would much rather a face to face swap, i live in Southampton but i am willing to travel not to far away for the right gun. i work a 4 on 4 off shift pattern so bare with me if im on a 4 on, as i wont really be able to travel during them shifts. any question please ask i can send a video of it working if need be, also can send over more picture on request. thanks for looking.



  11. Well using ptfe tape (small amounts carefully) seemed to have worked well, worked fine during an evening game. So cheers for that idea
  12. So ive got a TM Scar-CQC, i bought an Acetech at1000 and fitted it today. now the TM Scar has a 14ccw thread as does the acetech but then i try to screw it on its very loose, once it gets to the end of the scar's threat it gets tight, however it still feels a little bit wobbly. does anyone else have this issue?
  13. i used to think Z1 was great until i bought an Armorer Works split slide hi cappa plus and extra co2 mag. bought it in store guy in there was great really friendly. on its first game it just wasn't right would burst fire or wouldn't cock the hammer back far enough this was both on green gas and co2. Rung up their helpline and all i got was its because its cold, we can take it back but all we will do is lube it up and send it back (which i would have to pay for postage both ways not sure how that works as it was a fault with the product they had sold me) then pretty much ended the call there. this got me frustrated as they had fobbed me off over the phone the guy i spoke to sounded like he really didn't care and could be bothered. Seeing as i lived in Southampton i decided to to drive to the shop see if they could help, got there the same guy who sold it to me helped me, he tried it and couldn't work out why it was the having issues, he cleaned it out and re-lubed it there and then, but still same issues. he took it off me and got it sent to the warehouse to get sorted and said id get a phone call when its all fixed. Week passed by got a call saying it was ready to collect, they said i had to go to the shop to collect. asked what they found was wrong and again with a cant be bothered tone of voice and bluntness just said "nothing needed lubing". picked it up worked fine but you could see they had done more then just "lube it" (marks on the hammer and grip that was not there when i dropped it off). shop guys = good laugh, helpful and friendly. guys over the phone = complete let down, didnt even seem bothered.
  14. think we have all been there at some point 😂
  15. i'll admit this is tickling my pickle. hope a good metal slide kit comes out might look at getting it then.
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