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No probs as far as I'm concerned.👍

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The whole forum has been quite janky for me since the update.

I'm using the Android version of Chrome.


For instance, typing is maddening. 

Every time I pretty the "Return" key to type a new paragraph, it makes my keyboard disappear, which makes me accidentally press post, or on an advert and then it takes me off the page.


So typing a new paragraph involves typing, pressing enter, pressing back into the message box, pressing enter again, and then pressing in the message box to resume typing.


And it seems to be the long threads that I can't go into, getting those error messages on "what have you just bought", "gun photos" and occasionally Mack's.

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2 hours ago, proffrink said:

Is anyone else getting 500 errors when visiting the site from time to time? Mostly interested in an increase in cases after the update on Thursday.



I get this error trying to get into 'Gun picture thread'

From any thread link or directly from Browse>Forums>Guns, Gear & Loadouts


(On PC AND Android)

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