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New to airsoft

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With a new job comes a bigger pay packet that means my first gun lol.


I've been looking at the cyma keymod (would upload a pic but my phone won't let me) for £120 is it gonna fall apart or die mid skirmish. I've held it and it seems solid no wobble it does have a abs body, qnd crooned at between 330 and 360 fps.


Would this be a good start?

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The fps seems quite inconsistent, not heard much about the cyma m4's their ak's are good though. For a starter m4 I'd recommend a g&g combat machine they go from about £80 (second hand) but are only £130 new. Welcome! Your pay check won't seem big enough after a while playing :)

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Welcome. Your disposable income will now be disposed of.

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cm515 does not beat a G&G cm18 or 30th GC16 or Raider


£70 - yeah its pretty good for money from TaiwanGun

(I mean yeah it is half the price of a G&G Raider with shipping plus TWG do free ship on 100 Euro atm

- but UKARA required coz TWG don't 2-tone :()


£120 ??? - ffs no way - that is G&G or ICS starter money



£110 - use RC10 to get 10% off = £99 delivered but "might" be a tad hot or over 350fps - often up to 400

tbh - £85-£90 absolute tops for a cm515 - you get over £100 and G&G are a safer bet for a bit more money


Don't get me wrong it ain't a bad gun - but plastic is brittle type as opposed to G&G polymer receiver

it usually runs a bit hot for most sites so needs a tweak/downgrade

gearbox isn't bad - a few things like slight mod to a replacement tappet plate, removal of safety arm to open box etc...

(soz getting carried away - did review one and yeah pretty decent starter box with 8mm bushings etc...)


Looks nice but it needs a bit of work - fine if you like tinkering with stuff on the cheap like me

but for most peeps who want a decent ready to use out of box gun - G&G is perhaps a safer/wiser choice


my cm515 started to play up Saturday misfeeding - but have put some rounds through it

I just dropped another barrel/hop in there for moment and is fine - well other barrel/hop curves a bit

it was quite good on old barrel for such a cheap gun lifting .25's but think bucking or lip got a bit squiffy

(this sort of stuff can happen on any gun btw)


Still think G&G might be better option though their keymod range is a lot more than cm515

Other reason for maybe G&G is maybe easier to sell on if you decide than a cheapy 515


Still if you can get a 2-tone cm515 for £99 - that would come with a crappy battery n charger to get started

Hmmmmm - tough call but think save a bit more n go for a G&G short Raider, CM18 or GC16 30th etc....

(but gotta factor in battery/charger on top of G&G)


if £100 is your absolute budget max hmmm maybe but spring might be too hot

(reason I say this is that cm515 certainly pi$$es over JBBG bulldog or cheapy crappy SRC M4's)

So yes if I'm really honest it might be one of the few sub £100 guns perhaps that is worth a shot

(what cyma should of done is drop in a 275-300mm barrel instead of 380mm and it would looked better

plus fps should of dropped a smidge too barrel ending at end of keymod, add a cheapy suppresor perhaps

- its a bit longer than the 363mm M4's but light as f*ck)


anybody else with a bit more cash then perhaps get a G&G

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