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  1. Cheers distance is not gonna be a problem this site is very close QCB the longest line of sight is maybe 25 meters max as for the stock wobble a long 4mm allen key will sort that.
  2. No problem pal lol I read some thing somewhere but can't remember were
  3. As I'm gonna be playing qcb I've decided to run a shotgun loadout (something different to everyone else's M4s). I've seen the de m56dl it looks Ok and shoots at around 290 - 310 fps which is Ok cos the site limit is 325fps, has anyone used or have this shotty and what's the build quality like considering it's a fairly cheap gun.
  4. With a new job comes a bigger pay packet that means my first gun lol. I've been looking at the cyma keymod (would upload a pic but my phone won't let me) for £120 is it gonna fall apart or die mid skirmish. I've held it and it seems solid no wobble it does have a abs body, qnd crooned at between 330 and 360 fps. Would this be a good start?
  5. Haha that's funny, not been shot in the arse yet but it's gonna happen at some point lol
  6. I may be very new to airsoft only playing 2 games so far but yesterday I had a bit of a run in with some weekend rambo who didn't like the fact he got flanked and the fact it was a new player didn't go down to well, needless to say he lost it big time the marshal had to stop the game. I'm not going to mention the site cos other than that it was a great day really enjoyed it, the staff were brilliant amd the other players were amazing.
  7. I'm going to my local qcb site again soon there are a few ppl the who wear glasses so gonna ask them but my local airsoft shop have a great set of goggles for 30 quid and they said they should be Ok so gonna go down tomos and check them out, while I'm there might as well do a bit of shopping lol
  8. Very true I've totaled up my dream load out all o can say is ouch lol gotta rethink my load out Hmmmm may I could get my missus a gbb 911 for her birthday and she could let me use it???
  9. Your a star perfect gonna ask she holds the purse strings too let me spend some cash lol XD
  10. As for cost of the hobby I know how expensive it is, and there is no way I'm opting for a cheap mask.
  11. I'm also short sighted in on eye and long sighted in the other, I've tried contacts and they gave me head aches so I went back to wearing glasses, still looking into my options.
  12. Ive been looking at these if you get one tell me how it feels, looks like you have great field of vision.
  13. http://www.savephace.com/Tactical/Diss-Series/Phantom like this one and it's not to badly priced tbh. And very true you get what you pay for.
  14. cant wear the as i have an astigmatism. (one eye is shaped more like a rugby ball at the back)
  15. Mate i like my eyes, i maybe blind as a bat with out my glasses but i want to keep my sight. As i'm new to the sport i throught i'd sort out the most important bit of kit first (turning myself into a weekend warrior comes next lol), as for price you cant put a price on it can you.
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