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Which sniper to buy?

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Hey im thinking of starting sniping in airsoft but dont know what sniper rifle to buy first.

If you could help me out i would appreciate.


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Preferably a Tokyo Marui but they are obviously expensive. £150-£200

TM VSR-10 Desert Version is £165 from Fire-Support.



The Marui rifles should have excellent accuracy and range due to their awesome (magic) hopups.


There is also a clone of the VSR called the BAR-10 made by JG which is good, but both the VSR and BAR are hard to find in the UK and abroad now. Out of stock pretty much everywhere unfortunately.


EDIT: Just as I write that I check on TaiwanGun and they're actually stocking BAR-10 rifles again! WANT!



Alternatively I would recommend the Well Warrior L96. Like every other sniper (maybe except a TM) it will need upgrading to be much good (otherwise you may as well be using an AEG)




These are Polish websites, so you do have to ask them to clearly display your UKARA on the box. You can also write your number in the business line when ordering so it should show up.

It would be good to support UK retailers more but as aforementioned these can be hard to find in the UK AFAIK, and it could be a lot more expensive.


For upgrades I'd recommend Airsoft Sniper Parts UK (ASPUK)


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TM VSR,JG BAR 10,A&K M24 and WELL L96 (Gen 3) are the best sniper rifles about. Plenty of parts available and the guns are often constructed to be easily taken apart so you can tune or upgrade to your desires. A&K M24 comes with steel trigger parts and a steel catch piston stock which means minimal upgrading. All VSR compatible. Only bad thing about these is the hop up but these take VSR 10 style units. They are often in spec too so most parts will fit. It's an often under rated sniper rifle.

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I have to say the A&K Dragunov svd as this is very solid, upgrades with standard AEG parts and is about £150 and it will go higher than 400fps.

However I will say if you aren't physically strong it may not suit you as the spring is quite beefy. And the bolt is quite small but aspuk does a very nice bolt extension.


The accuracy is excellent, yesterday I was mucking about at my gun club popping a few shots at small targets like tin can sized stuff and I was hitting them out to 40 yards + and that was with the hop up not set up so more or less straight from the box.


It was getting a few interested views too.


However I was getting a few hiccups but nothing a decent tweaking can't sort as it is new

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