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    Mostly SMGs but use Scorpion EVO or TM MP7 the most
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    Whatever is comfortable, a mix of outdoor wear and random pouches
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  1. Anyone else get in trouble when the mrs finds bbs in the washing machine? 

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    2. Druid799


      I’m well past that stage , it’s the ones wizzing around in the dyson that trips her switch now ! 😈😈

    3. Nick G

      Nick G

      Got rid of our dyson, total piece of crap, doubt it would have picked up anything heavier than a .2 ! 😂

    4. StayOnTarget


      Just checking through my kit recently came across a mag that I believed to have a few BBs left in it.....nope probably 150 BBs left in it that scattered all over the tiled kitchen floor.

      What do I do? Let out a deep sigh go to the fridge and get a beer,its going to be thirsty work   😉

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