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  1. I don't know where you got these from but i never had issues with my PTWS. It is like anything if you take care of it it will work if you don't it won't. With misfeeds i think you are referring to chopping BBs which yes PTWs can be a bit picky with their BBs but its not like they chop everything except 1 brand of BBs. All the popular brands worked fine in my ones, Devil, Blaster, Excel, Geoffs etc. Motor issues, yes the motors will likely need to be rewound more commonly than a regular AEG but it is just getting it rewound not replacing the motor completely and this is not a regular occurrence either. I have owned multiple rifles of both and can honestly say when someone says their PTW or NGRS outranges their mates one by 50m they are just talking shit, the range between them is negligible. When you get BTC installed the trigger response is near enough the same between them. they will cost around the same if you get the full TM package but the only difference for me was build quality. PTWs just had a higher build quality in my opinion nothing ever wobbled on them this is not to say TM have a bad build quality they have a very good build quality but PTWs are just better for that. I have left the electric recoil out of my write up as i find it a bit gimmicky and remove it from my TMs as i don't really like it (apart from my AKs74u). These are just my opinions take them how you want.
  2. It depends as their AK launcher and shells can fire either one but the M4 style launcher only accepts mk2 ammo as far as i am aware.
  3. Are you after Mk1 or Mk2 grenades?
  4. you're doing it wrong, you are meant to start arguing with the person that posts your advert. XD
  5. i like the ASCU3 i have in my AK its a ver3 obv but can't imagine much being different in the ver2 system. The manual says to not reinstall the ARL but ignore that and put the ARL back in anyway.
  6. sorry what i meant was some of the buildings are open plan so if a grenade went off it would probably hit everyone in there. others are split inside into 3 or four sections with interior walls etc. they are about 20m by about 7m. sorry i wasn't clear enough earlier.
  7. tbh the buildings there aren't much bigger than 1 room and also not a lot of cover inside them anyway so not a huge deal. However that rule can definitely be abused with tag rounds as you can clear out entire buildings from ridiculous ranges.
  8. That is the Facebook page, ask for Anthony Gnapp in that group. That is who you are looking for. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1576584552632927/
  9. I can thoroughly recommend the tag-015 launcher it is completely idiot proof, 1 co2 capsule in the quick change chamber, fold it down and it is pierced and sealed. Good for 8-10 shots, just load the projectile in the front nothing else and fire, reload and repeat. Yes it is more money to get the launcher over the shells but i feel it is worth it for a few reasons: 1. it is a tag product designed for tag projectiles from the ground up so there are no worries about compatibility etc. 2. it will only require 1 maintenance kit compared to x amount of maintenance kits required for x amount of shells, disassembly is very easy as well. 3. aiming with a launcher attached to your rifle is much more accurate and I found much more consistent as you have something in your shoulder to and a rifle to aim at your target with. The extra weight of the rifle also helps with the recoil, there isn't a huge amount of recoil with the pistol style launchers anyway. 4. Rate of Fire, once you fire the shell you have to prime it reload it with gas etc, the tag launcher (AK version) just requires you to put the next projectile and fire until you run out of co2 then it is literally 3 seconds to change the co2 capsule. cons: 1. Price, it costs more than having a few shells. 2. Weight, it adds a fair bit of weight to the front of your gun, my AK with the launcher weighs 4.7kg which is quite a bit when carrying it around all day. this is just my thoughts on the system and i don't regret spending the extra to get the tag launcher at all.
  10. Bought one of the TAG-015 launchers for an AK. Really good bit of kit, very solid. Stuck it on an LCT AK whole thing weighs 4.7kg which is quite a bit. Used it at tuddenham on sunday could easily get 100m+ directly into 20mph+ winds, with the wind could reach ridiculous ranges. Biggest game changer i think bar NV in airsoft that i have seen.

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    Make: SystemaGun/Model: PTW 2012 MAX, A1 was a challenge kit, A2 was a pre built model.Accessories: plenty for each i have: mags, cylinders, correct optics and lights etc which i can discuss with any potential buyer. Condition: Both shoot BBs just fine.FPS: variable due to cylinders but i have multiple site legal cylinders to use.Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange:Rather not split anything/ am open to swaps and PX after decent sniper rifles atm or a TM mk23 but offer what you want.Price/Payment:Looking for £800 for the A1 and £1000 for the A2Pictures:Yes should be below. So basically these were my projects but recently got back into sniping so only going to keep one of them (which ever one doesn't sell). A lot of time and money went into both of them including custom engraving of correct trades on the lower receivers and upper receiver of the A2. The A1 was painted and I used nail varnish remover to give it a weathered look, the A2 has primer on it and planned to paint but would lower the value for resale so decided against it when i decided to sell one. The A2 rail has been permanently attached to the upper receiver to make it monolithic like the real steel version and the rail has been sanded down at the lower rear end to allow the upper receiver to fold down without the lower receiver pushing the rail forward. Any questions or offers shoot a PM or an e-mail to [email protected] Thanks for viewing, Greg.


    , Hertfordshire - GB

  12. tbh just a decent torch and possibly a helmet as you are more likely to whack your head on things, that is the only difference between night and day games i find. Where abouts are you going for the night game?
  13. Almost everywhere that does NV does retail finance through a 3rd party company so mine cost me £550 initial cost and £100 a month for 12 months at 0% interest which i thought was pretty good. I can see your point though and i feel NV gets a bit of a bad rep the same way that crye and systemas get that the people are elitist and i think there are always going to be people like that no matter what they own. I am defo the opposite i have let people try my gear out 99% of the time when they have asked me.
  14. I can thoroughly recommend the cobra demon monocular. I have since moved onto a gen 3 unit but for the money the demon is an outstanding unit and will be usable everywhere not pitch black like a thick forest at night with cloud cover etc.
  15. It has been like this for about a week now. Usually fixes itself in a day or two or has patches but has been down solidly unless i am just trying at really unlucky times.
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