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    Night Game

    tbh just a decent torch and possibly a helmet as you are more likely to whack your head on things, that is the only difference between night and day games i find. Where abouts are you going for the night game?
  2. Almost everywhere that does NV does retail finance through a 3rd party company so mine cost me £550 initial cost and £100 a month for 12 months at 0% interest which i thought was pretty good. I can see your point though and i feel NV gets a bit of a bad rep the same way that crye and systemas get that the people are elitist and i think there are always going to be people like that no matter what they own. I am defo the opposite i have let people try my gear out 99% of the time when they have asked me.
  3. I can thoroughly recommend the cobra demon monocular. I have since moved onto a gen 3 unit but for the money the demon is an outstanding unit and will be usable everywhere not pitch black like a thick forest at night with cloud cover etc.

    Zeroin, Dead & Gone?

    It has been like this for about a week now. Usually fixes itself in a day or two or has patches but has been down solidly unless i am just trying at really unlucky times.

    Macks airsoft dreamers of the week thread

    https://forums.zeroin.co.uk/forum/classifieds/rifles-smg-s-for-sale/ebb-rifles-smg-s/2997498-kingdom-of-airsoft-koa-tm-hk416-delta-musketeer-build-with-accessories Not sure if we can post stuff from other forums but £1400 + p&p for a TM recoil. I can see why he didn't want to put the price up to being with.

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    That first sentence did make me chuckle. Yeah the P* MP7 is a gun i wanted for a long time but are quite uncommon in the UK and didn't fancy importing anything as customs charges suck so sold one of my other guns and just sat on the money until 1 came up for sale. And well with night vision i don't know a single airsofter who doesn't want night vision so no need to explain that one.

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Had a lot of the main components for a while, only recently got it all together when the final bits arrived. Finally got the perfect night game/night time at milsim set up. Gen 3 PVS-14 with wilcox j-arm and mount. TM MP7 with Polarstar HPA internally, Aimpoint T1, G&P DBAL IR version and genuine surefire M600v weapon light. Absolute beast of a gun for its size and being HPA with a silencer makes it so quiet ,coupled with being able to see in the dark and it all just becomes too easy.
  8. Hey mate if you are around Stevenage you can pop by one evening and check out some of my HPA guns to see if it is for you etc?

    Night Vision advice

    I can see where you are coming from but not everything there is entirely true. The three main types of night vision are: Digital, Image Intensifier Tube (IIT or I2) also called true night vision and Thermal. Digital is just a digital setup that has been specifically designed to pick up infrared light, not much different from camera with the infrared filter removed but much more effective. The advantage of these is that they can be used day time and night time as because it is digital you can choose to have colour during the day then grey-scale at night on most devices. The disadvantage is that it needs an IR light source to be effective which will bloom up for anyone using IIT hardware. for a decent Digital NV scope you are looking at around £1200. IIT is the most common but breaks down into a few groups called: gen 1, gen 2 etc. I am not going to get into all the differences between them as it is all over the internet with about 10 seconds of searching required. The way that this works is that it amplifies ambient light, it does this by taking in all the available light converts the image into electrons passes it through an electron multiplier then converts the multiplied electrons back into an image. How well the IIT converts the image into electrons is the photo-cathode senstitivity and how many times it multiplies the electrons is called the gain. Because their ability to pick up light is so much better than our eyes they are able to pick up electromagnetic radiation outside of our visible spectrum mainly infrared but photonis 4G and echo tubes are able to (I think don't quote me on this) pick up certain UV wavelengths as well. With IIT devices gen 2+ is perfectly usable for airsoft, you don't HAVE to have a gen 3 unit. I have owned a few units cobra demon and titan units are very very good for the price around £1700 new you can also pick up ACT lunox with photonis commercial tubes on FB pages every now and then for £2250-£2600 second hand. If you want Gen 3 then you are looking at a minimum of £2400 that will get you an omni 4 or 5 spec unit or lower usually, up to around £3000 for high spec units second hand second hand and £3600 minimum for new units in the UK. Last is thermal imaging. Thermal imagers have a special lens at the front of the device that focuses all the infrared light captured and it is then sent to a phased array which produces a temperature pattern based on the radiation collected, this is called a thermogram. After this the thermogram is converted into a electronic signal which is then sent to a processor which then converts it into data to be displayed onto the screen at the rear of the device. The device I have is an ATN MARS device which costs about £1595 now so is definitely affordable compared to most night vision units. It is not as high spec as other thermal units and quite heavy but can pick people up out to 600m so more than adequate for airsoft. These devices usually pick up infrared light with a wavelength of 7-14 microns while the infrared light that passes through glass is less than 7 microns this is why they cannot see through glass, but they can see through thin plastics like bin bags etc and also germanium lenses i had a sac lens made for £200 which is alot but alot cheaper than getting the main lens repaired or replaced. THIS IMAGE IS A COMPARISON OF THE COBRA DEMON (LEFT) AND A REASONABLY HIGH SPEC PVS-14 (RIGHT), both pics were taken from behind a window and on my phone so not the best wuality. No the demon is not as good as the gen 3 PVS-14 but from a price point the PVS-14 is not twice as good as the demon yet costs more than twice as much. this video was taken at the local supermarket to me with the ATN MARS thermal device. It has been converted from MOV to MP4 so has lost some resolution but it looks crystal clear when viewed on the tiny screen the device has as when blown up to this size becomes pixelated. ATNX0004.mp4 ATNX0004.MOV If anyone has any questions about any of the stuff just ask away as when I started looking for devices some of the FB pages could be a bit elitist when it comes to this sort of thing so i bought wrong items because I didn't know anything about them and i don't want other people doing the same.