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  1. The power rating of the diode is a much more important factor than the colour. Green Lasers can be more damaging to the eye as the retina absorbs green light much more easily than red which is also the reason NV is green as you can see more shades of green than any other colour, which is useful if the picture you are looking at is monochromatic. The problem with cheap Chinese green lasers is that they will be using something called frequency doubling so it will be a low power green diode being backed by a stronger IR diode being pumped to match the wavelength. Normally this wouldn't be a problem as you would have an IR filter to block any excess IR light of a high power getting through but ya know, China.
  2. Nice, yeah the guy who owns it is a decent guy. Really helpful whenever i have had questions for him.
  3. Got a gen 3, 2100FOM min PVS-14 to put the COTI on. Both together cost less than £10k as i got a good deal on both the items. There is a UK company that makes a version of the pas29 COTI, just search ClipIR in google, but only a few places stock them for sale to civvies. https://actinblack.com/product/clipir/ is one of them but at that price defo not for everyone.
  4. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000084050449.html These look really good, going to get a few of them for when you come up against other NV users at milsims. Just handy for lighting up an area temporarily and forcing NV users to look away for a while.
  5. Yeah NV is alot like cars in that you will pay alot more price for not alot more performance. You can buy a device for double the price but only get a 40% increase in performance, that is a massive generalisation and obviously depends on the devices in question but just wanted to get my point across.
  6. Mounted on my lid. That is what the COTI looks like mounted on a PVS-14. It just projects a thermal image to overlap the image you would normally see.
  7. Sorry my mistake. Were you saying all NV needs some form of light? I have never been airsofting and encountered a room so dark NV didn't work in it, but i have never been airsofting underground like a bunker or something.
  8. i have never seen gen 3 (decent spec) tubes struggle in an urban environment however seen almost all struggle in deep dark woodland at night where there is next to 0 ambient light. You can get tubes that can handle this but they will be at least £6000 for the tubes not including the housing etc.
  9. Gen 1 is very close to useless for airsoft though. In my opinion the people who replied on your FB post were probably mostly right just how they put their point across could be seen as them being dickheads. Anyone that put "poor lol" or "gen 1 is for the poors" that is just bants in the NV world don't take it seriously. Although i don't know the one you are talking about so they could have been dickheads. The thing is also that question gets asked by new comers into almost every NV group i have £300 what gen 1 device should i go for and anything other than save up is probably the wrong answer, which is what people don't want to hear, but i would rather be honest with someone they get mad at me and they don't waste their money than make them feel good they buy a gen 1 unit for airsoft and then realise it doesn't do what they thought it would.
  10. Gen 1 has its place, its usable in an open field or with a noticeable amount of IR light. Not great for airsoft in my opinion though. The reason for this is that the image will be grainy and fish eyed at the best of times and if you pump out IR light to make the device usable you will be a lighthouse for anyone else with NV and potentially for people without NV as well. Stay away from any flir devices over £1500 they are honestly just pure shit anyone who tells you otherwise either hasn't used decent devices or is just straight up lying, you can get much better units for much less cost. The cobra demon will outperform them in every way BUT the embargo imposed on Russia means good luck getting a demon or titan anytime soon. Honestly just save up and go for a decent gen 2 unit or there are second hand gen 3 units kicking on FB pages all the time. I have used gen1, 2, 3, monos, binos, clip-ons so have a decent amount of experience but would suggest have a budget of at least £2000, £1500 for the unit and £500 for mounts, lights, lasers etc. If anyone has questions about NV message me on here, I have helped quite a few people on FB out with NV as when i first started i found the scene is very elitist and not willing to help noobs, so i always have time to answer questions about anything NV to new comers. Or get a COTI and combine NV and thermal imaging although not SWIR will still see through smoke just not glass. Best of both worlds. Me crouching in a bush through NV with the COTI turned off then on. Can't hide from thermal.
  11. I don't know where you got these from but i never had issues with my PTWS. It is like anything if you take care of it it will work if you don't it won't. With misfeeds i think you are referring to chopping BBs which yes PTWs can be a bit picky with their BBs but its not like they chop everything except 1 brand of BBs. All the popular brands worked fine in my ones, Devil, Blaster, Excel, Geoffs etc. Motor issues, yes the motors will likely need to be rewound more commonly than a regular AEG but it is just getting it rewound not replacing the motor completely and this is not a regular occurrence either. I have owned multiple rifles of both and can honestly say when someone says their PTW or NGRS outranges their mates one by 50m they are just talking shit, the range between them is negligible. When you get BTC installed the trigger response is near enough the same between them. they will cost around the same if you get the full TM package but the only difference for me was build quality. PTWs just had a higher build quality in my opinion nothing ever wobbled on them this is not to say TM have a bad build quality they have a very good build quality but PTWs are just better for that. I have left the electric recoil out of my write up as i find it a bit gimmicky and remove it from my TMs as i don't really like it (apart from my AKs74u). These are just my opinions take them how you want.
  12. It depends as their AK launcher and shells can fire either one but the M4 style launcher only accepts mk2 ammo as far as i am aware.
  13. Are you after Mk1 or Mk2 grenades?
  14. you're doing it wrong, you are meant to start arguing with the person that posts your advert. XD
  15. i like the ASCU3 i have in my AK its a ver3 obv but can't imagine much being different in the ver2 system. The manual says to not reinstall the ARL but ignore that and put the ARL back in anyway.
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