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  1. Alright mate. I don't think you can really "train" for airsoft. I'm from Sutton and Go airsoft with a few of my mates and we enjoy the game together we split up and we use tactics sometimes. We don't plan a Normandy beach landing!! But basic flanking menouvers etc! We are going to holmbush in Crawley this Sunday, come down and your welcome to join us dude!
  2. Hey guys I have had the same MP5 for years now and I am looking to get something new, something with a bit longer range nothing over the 350fps though. Anyone got some good suggestions? Thanks a lot
  3. Hi everyone, I recently went and pick up my first GBB pistol, a WE Hi capa dragon 7. And I need a holster for it prefebly a thigh drop holster. If anyone has any idea I would really appreciate it. Cheers
  4. Hi everyone, I just picked up my new WE Dragon 1911 7.0 the type B version which I think looked just that bitter. Anyway I was just wandering I know it's a bit tricky to get to the hop up on this gun and j have tried YouTube but I can't get a video to instruct me how to access it. I was wandering if anyone would be able to help me out? Cheers.
  5. Well there you go then. I was TOTALLY playing a joke on everyone! Haha Like I said I have had it for a long time I just pulled it out the loft. That's the last thing I remember make wise about the gun. If you say to leave well alone then I will take your advice. I will wait until I get a new gun to start tinkering Cheers dude
  6. Don't want to be going to jail now do I. Best be making sure of the make I guess. What's wrong with H&K? As stated previously I'm rather new to this. But I think I will be able to get the right videos from the like of YouTube. And from what everyone has said it seems relatively straight forward to disassemble an MP5. I really appreciate it his thank you. If there is anything specific I need to know I appreciate your replies
  7. Sorry guys yea it's a H&K I believe. I got it a while ago off the site actionhobbies and I didn't keep the info.
  8. Sorry miss interpretation, I meant take apart the weapon itself not just the stock. I want to get inside the internals and just have a look make sure everything looks ok maybe use a bit of silicone get everything running smoothly
  9. Hey everyone, I was thinking about taking apart my solid stock MP5 but it would be my first disassembly. I was wandering if anyone had any tips on how to make the process easier? Also would this be a good time to change a few internals or add any upgrades? Thanks for your help
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