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  1. anoex

    Umarex/VFC G28

    Time Left: 5 days and 17 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Looking to sell My Umarex/VFC G28 unfortunately no trades, Since I've had it I've skirmished 2-3 times and this piece of kit deserves to be used properly or wall hanged. I've upgraded the Inner barrel with a 455mm prommy barrel and installed a Maple leaf 60 degree bucking with omega nub, The gearbox has been opened, Its been greased inside the box and around all the o-Rings as the factory failed to do this, I've put a fresh m120 shs spring in as the the rif was only coming out at 370 fps "I will include old parts". These sell for 929 quid new and are in limited production. I would keep it but I've recently got a Tm Recoil and would like to focus on that and get myself a new car. The Rif comes with a nikko sterling scope and two mags. I'm keeping the sling. ask me any questions and no stupid offers. Need this gone asap saving around 400 quid. If it’s not sold in 2-3 days the price is going back up to 700 so grab a bargain while you can. Only need the cash as I’ve found the car I’ve wanted and I’m just short of the price


  2. anoex

    TM AUG A1

    Time Left: 18 hours and 16 minutes

    • For sale
    • Used

    Looking to sell this rare rif it’s an actual Tm Aug a1 it’s missing all of the old paint. I’ve personally upgraded the piston head, nozzle, updates the spring with a fresh 360 FPS shs spring and installed a lonex hop up. It will come with 2 mags. Beware this rif has a misfeed issue that I haven’t got to finding out yet. Best way to describe it is the first two shots are awesome then it doesn’t feed. Looking for 100 posted to you.


  3. anoex

    SSg24 for sale batch 3

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    • For sale
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    Comes with hard case, one mag unless I can find the other mags and a scope. Will post via parcelforce 48 tracking I will only take PayPal I would prefer the buyer to have buyers protection but if they decide to do friends and family I certainly don’t mind. If there is any issues I will not be refunding any money what you pay for is what you get. I payed 600 quid for this rif. So to me 430 with buyers protection also including postage is fair considering the customs cost and wait time for a novy boy rif.


  4. anoex

    New to airsoft Hampshire

    Welcome I too live in Hampshire and wish you the best airsoft experience.
  5. anoex

    Novrisch SSP 01

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    • For sale
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    Looking to sell my Novy boy SSP 01 it is battle scared from my holster but I will be looking for 90 pound for the pistol with 1 mag 100 with two and 115 with holster and belt will be looking parcelforce 48hrs service.


  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
    • Used

    Looking to sell only no trades want 650 quid comes with two mags a battery, sling and scope. Will do PayPal with buyers protection but will not refund if there are any issues. Problem I’ve got is I need to clear my gear as I’ve got to move out. Will not go lower on the price as the retail value of this rif is 929 quid also want to ask for postage on this one as it’s not included


  7. As the title says I’m looking at getting a estimation on price for my gear as I might want to get rid of some of it. Guns.. the new g28 black edition, novrisch ssg24, novrisch ssp01, TM aug a1 with mostly upgraded parts, dynatex blank firing grenade. All have been used at least once SSg24 would come with scope, two mags, sling hoops and uprated m150 spring, G28 two mags, scope plus original fixings. Aug has Shs piston head, lonex hop up, shs m120 spring, shs nozzle, JBU metal tooth piston. Novy boy ssg24 is batch 3
  8. anoex

    KC02 with upgrades

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    Hello I’m selling my KC02. It has the following upgrades tophat conversion kit, rocket valve, custom stock, suppressor with extended inner barrel. The tophat conversion allows for vsr buckings to be used. What you get is the gun with all these upgrades, 4x green gas mags and a scope. I’ve switched the scopes over as one of them is missing the reticule. I’m willing to take offers and post. I’m looking for 300 quid via PayPal


  9. anoex

    Tokyo Marui L96 AWS (low power) Cheap

    Has it got the original box?
  10. anoex

    AGM MG42

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    • For sale
    • Used

    Hello this is my AGM MG42, she has no upgrades at all. It comes standard so magazine, gun and box with all the usual gimmicks etc cleaning rod. I bought it for re-inactment with a group of friends but unfortunately due to my circumstances I’ve got to get rid of it. I can post but it will have to be at the buyers expense. It will be parcelforce 48. Gun is a couple years old as it was bought from evike in 2014 it works. I’ve replaced the feed block with a new one. I also welcome collection and will knock some money of the gun if it’s collected.