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  1. I found you need to try a few, even though most have a good range of adjustment. If you want a DPM plate carrier the have a look on ebay a seller calledmick690121 has some Osprey MK 3 plate carriers in DPM for £45
  2. Tommikka take a look at my profile and see how long I have been a member and how long I have been doing air soft.
  3. Very true, I will be going to my local site as it's good and enjoy cqb. not just to get my ukara because what air soft I have done so far has been brilliant fun.
  4. Tommika, its to play air soft.
  5. Ok, please bear with me and read all this before you rip me to pieces. a brief history of me(which is relevant to the subject). i have spent a sum total of 10 years as a Army reservist and Army cadet instructor. I'm a qualified skill at arms instructor. I'm also a qualified range safety officer I'm qualified to teach candidates several of the British army's range of small arms. I carry a MOD 90 Military identification. which when going to buy any Air soft weapons system means absolutely sweet FA !!! I have more chance of buying one with my flaming Tesco club card than I have with 10 years of qualifications with the real deal, in point of fact I found I can buy a real weapon system easier than I can buy a RIF! So in my eyes Ukara is only there to protect the seller and to prove I am playing the sport on regular occasions. where as my qualifications mean I have the knowledge and ability to kill someone accurately with multiple weapon systems following the British Army's safe handling rules and applying the marksmanship principles. I think I just answered my own question I apologise if this sounds like a rant because it is, the law really needs sorting out.
  6. Get a camelback to carry water, 2litre at most, either clip it to your rig or wear it as a back pack. i have one on my osprey MK IVA and another behind the side pouch of my Bergen.
  7. Where I have played at Slaughterhouse near Hull they only allow semi auto only as its CQB.
  8. I think Mid-caps are the way to go, I would rather carry 6 mid-caps rather than 2-3 high-caps. My mag changing drills are not too bad.
  9. Ok, I have not played much airsoft as it always seamed a bit of a busmans holiday. but now I find myself with a renewed interest in Air soft. i have a couple of hi-caps that need winding which is a bit annoying as when I run I rattle like a tactical retard. So do suck it up and get on with the hi-caps or get some mid caps or even get some 30 round real capacity mags? my local site is Slaughterhouse which is FIBUA or CQB site which I love.
  10. Mike1971


    This is just out of curiosity. Has anyone broken or had in bits an "ohshiboom"? this is just out of engineering curiosity after I was looking at sp00ns. Being the spoil sport he wouldn't let me take his to bits, then he told me the cost and I now don't blame him for not letting me. If you have, please can you post photos of it fully in bits.
  11. Hi I have A P229 GBB,(which I believe is a TM clone). which is causing me problems. It will only engage the trigger when tilted over 90 degrees to the left. I was using it in the garden when I removed the mag and bits of spring fell out, then the mag wouldn't retain in the grip. I carefully removed the right hand side grip( with it laid flat on a table) found bits of spring in the mag release button so I replaced this. When this was done it wouldn't fire unless tilted left. So I need someone who can repair it for a reasonable price and as close to or within East Yorkshire. Many thanks in advance for any help.
  12. I need a new sleeping bag, is any of the stuff on eBay yet?
  13. My 15 year old son has a springer L85A1 two tone blue that was gifted to him, he uses it under my supervision(Fire arms instructor and reservist). It is locked in my safe with My G&G raider could I be facing a problem with the law in letting him use this as I have also let him use MY G&G raider as well
  14. They have a 6 page advert in Airsoft International what a joke !!!!!
  15. 2 pairs of 5.11 trousers 2 rigger belts, Some camtech cam cream as the issue stuff is rubbish and gives me zits( which at 42 is not a good look). But to top this I have just been given a pair of brand new ECW boots :-)
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