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  1. Get the Madbull one - The plastic AI one snapped in my bag.
  2. http://www.facebook.com/predgearinc I'm heading to AI500 this month so hopefully be able to give you a better review after a good few days skirmishing. Initial impressions are good - a few minor production marks visible on the separate mount but not much of an issue
  3. http://i.imgur.com/MSaFnCK.jpg New Kydex holster for my P226
  4. Not to worry Ian, I'm on the path to the darkside - got myself an AK!
  5. I've got a Kydex holster en route for my KWA P226 with X300. Massively looking forward for it to arrive.
  6. Stick a mosfet in there too! Very snappy. If you take the cylinder unit out you can see the gears, mine came a bit dry so it might need a dab of lube
  7. I use 7.4 LiPos from componentshop.co.uk and for mags MAG plastic midcaps work really well.
  8. I'm 6'2" and I used this for well over a year. Fits most types of mags, space for spare ammo in the pockets. Decent quality and well worth a look in! Bonus is that you don't cook like you do with a plate carrier http://www.flecktarn.co.uk/sdtmb6nx.html
  9. Link to mine if you're interested http://www.airsoft-forums.co.uk/index.php/topic/26510-we-katana/#entry204966
  10. If the mags don't reach the feed tube then it won't feed at all - I got a Prowin hopup to fit, it took some sanding and mags fit fine now.
  11. If its not feeding like that it might be the mags not being seated high enough to reach the short feed tube. Has he had the spring chopped down at all?
  12. I've used MAG 120rds plastic midcaps currently using Socom Tactical Lancer magazines. Try either changing ammo or the stock hop up unit as the feeding tube is slightly shorter the normal.
  13. I've got one for sale, The only thing I've noticed is you need good magazines that feed well, the usual stock red cylinder chronos about 400 fps with good airseal and you need to keep an eye on the piston. Aside from that its snappy as hell and and a good ROF
  14. The Stan is open, Tac house Spartan is also an excellent site
  15. Paint me like your French girls Jack
  16. I've heard that the WE batteries are slightly thinner than the VP ones. I am intending to pick one of these up once I've sold my current gun so I'll keep my eye out for a review
  17. https://m.facebook.com/patch.onkel Try this guy
  18. I don't know about you but I'd still open the door with the key. Easy in and easy out. I wouldn't fancy climbing though a smashed window and then having to climb out again with your expensive toaster in one arm as I could cut myself and leave DNA and if its a full pane of glass guaranteed that you'll end up tripping on it. Don't make the mistake of thinking most criminals are stupid (some are!) Do your best to make it as difficult as you can for them and chances are someone 3 doors away won't have and they'll get done instead.
  19. Take them out and leave them in the same place. If someone is lurking in your garden and they see something they want in your house and they have a key to easily get in, 90% ain't fussed about smashing the window to unlock the door before they have what they want and are gone. You might come into the room a minute later and see whats happened. By that point your burglar has most likely changed his top, stashed what he's nicked and even if stopped won't have anything on him/her to point to an offence.
  20. To it to count as a re-enactor the place where you conduct your activities must be registered and hold insurance so unfortunately not. It would be technically illigal to swap them as you're manufacturing an Realistic Imitation Firearm from a Imitation Firearm (two tone or IF). Its not illigal to posses a RIF at all the only place that could land you in trouble would be if you had it uncovered in a public place. Tl;DR Yes but no bodycares
  21. I think more likley "what's in your bag?" "Toy gun Mr Policeman Officer" "Let's have a look/go" Pew pew pew "Right we're off as there are only 6 of us policing about 150 square miles and as much as we would love to have an indepth chat about various pieces of pointless legislation we've shit to be doing. Tatty bye bye"
  22. Looks like some Maritime Sniper Team Kit, much fun to shoot out of helicopters with.
  23. Well basically I paid for a RIF. Waited about a week and a half an nothing arrived. Messaged the seller 2 or 3 times but no reply asking for proof of postage. Opened a dispute and waited still no reply. Escalated the dispute, the next day seller messaged me and said he'd forgot to post it. He provided me and PayPal with the tracking reference. Item arrived in and I cancelled the dispute. At no point did PayPal ask me what I'd purchased.
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