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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 21 hours

    • For sale
    • Used

    Regrettably, up for sale is my incredibly beautiful MDT LSS sniper rifle. I need to fund other projects that will have more practicality than a sniper rifle. The main benefit of a gas sniper rifle compared to a spring rifle is the lighter bolt pull: it takes a lot less effort to cycle the bolt, the bolt also reveals the chamber, and you don't even need to pull the bolt back all the way. This means that the cycling rate and realism are enhanced greatly. The only downside is the consistency; its shot to shot consistency is not as great compared to a spring powered sniper rifle. From skirmishing, the body has some light markings. The bottom of the outer barrel has noticeably more markings from resting it on branches. It has not been bashed against anything, so there are not any huge dents. So what upgrades/accessories does this have? 455mm 6.04 Maple Leaf Crazy Jet barrel 60 degree Maple Leaf yellow bucking 1x Action Army 28rnd CO2 Magazine Real steel MDT ergo flat top grip Replica MFT Battlelink stock Replica Harris bipod Hawke vantage 2-7x32 AO scope M4 buffer tube sling point (customizable, including QD mounts) Original ergo grip supplied Original 500mm barrel supplied Also supplied with a TNT TR-Hop VSR 60 degree bucking. This gun has an adjustable FPS through a screw in the bolt. The maximum fps is 480 on 0.2g with the original 500m barrel. Currently, it is around 350 fps on a 0.36g with the Maple Leaf barrel. The hop up adjustment is a straight TDC through the rail, making adjustments on the fly super quick and easy. With the Maple Leaf barrel and bucking, this gun can shoot relatively straight at 80m targets: The maximum range is probably around 85-90m; I have not tested that yet. One a single CO2 cartridge, this gun can shoot 56 rounds (two mags) consistently before the power begins to decline. Realistically, it can shoot 3 or 4. However, I normally change the co2 bulb after two mags worth for maximum performance. I should also mention that a small portion of the outer barrel has been cut on the underside because King Arms used some notoriously strong thread lock which made it genuinely impossible to twist open. This does not affect the aesthetics, however, since it cannot be seen. Postage is not included with the price. It will be an additional £15 through Parcelforce 48. Pickup can be arranged if you can travel to Edinburgh. I'll throw in a Solognac rifle case for transport if a pickup is arranged.



  2. Ok, field report with the secutor rudis: Out of the 3 guns I brought with me (mdt lss, g35, and rudis), the rudis was the last gun standing. I bored of sniping since the kiddies today wouldn't take their hits at 70m. My g35 outer barrel broke. In addition, I fell in a huge puddle of mud... with my g35... and it just stopped working all together from the gunk. All this happened before lunch. The rudis. God dammit. The efficiency was garbage as predicted. It did get quite cold and humid, and the gun couldn't finish a full mag on one co2 cartridge. But, it shot. It shot when I needed it to. I went "pistol only" for the rest of the day and god damn, it was the most fun i've had in a while. I also lost the front sight somehow LMAO. Gonna need to buy a replacement. So, rudis. Shit efficiency for a co2 pistol. But, still shot better in the cold than the majority of the green gas pistols I saw. Loud af. Like seriously, loud AF. The gun is reliable, though. It never failed to shoot when I needed it the most. Does that mean I will keep it? NO LMAO. Met a guy who wanted it really badly. DONE DEAL XD
  3. Time Left: 5 days and 3 hours

    • For sale
    • New

    Fits on any glock. £12.50 posted.


  4. Time Left: 5 days and 2 hours

    • For sale
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    New, never used. £9.50 posted.


  5. AK47frizzle

    TM HK45 Silencer

    Time Left: 5 days and 2 hours

    • For sale
    • New

    Pristine condition. £45 posted.


  6. AK47frizzle

    M4 GBB ergo grip

    This advert is COMPLETED!

    • For sale
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    Nice and comfy. No screw supplied. £10 posted.


  7. AK47frizzle

    WE P99 gas mag

    Time Left: 5 days and 2 hours

    • For sale
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    Functioning gas mag no problem. £12.50 posted.


  8. Co2 mags have been released for the WE p99. Might be worth using again.

    1. AK47frizzle


      No actually, I take that back. I remeber how thin the front is. It'll snap.

  9. MHMMMMMMM. You asked just the right person For all pistols, a maple leaf 6.04 crazy jet will lower the fps by about 20-30 fps. Perfect for if you want a quick fps drop for site limits. As for pistols, stock WE glocks are site legal with co2 mags, but with 0.2g. You need a maple leaf barrel/hop chamber for 0.25g. My PERFECT, IMMACULATE AND IMPECCABLE G35 is around 300-310 fps with 0.25gs with a 6.04 maple leaf and chamber. Though, it will probably be, lower with a g17 or g18 length gun. Not to mention, the WE g18c can last 4-5+ mags with consistent fps on a single cartridge. G17 isn't as great on efficiency, but still good enough (3 mags, sometimes can clear 4th). Secutor rudis co2 1911s are also reliable and site legal stock. They even supply you with a lower powered nozzle, so it's guaranteed legal. My current one has a 6.01 (yes 6.01) crazy jet and is shooting around 310-280 fps with a 0.25g. They're literally the same as kjw kp07s, but waaayy better looking. I've done extensive testing on these pistols and... they're ok at best. For the average person, they're super reliable. But for me, they're gas hogs no matter what you do. The fps consistency also isn't great either; the fps drops ridiculously fast. They can reliably clear 2 mags off one co2 cartridge, but the third one is a hit or miss depending on temperature. I even fitted one with a lightweight BBU. But sadly, it does not do that much better, even when short stroked. It's just down to the fundamental design: long travel and reset, long nozzle, and heavy slide. In the freezing cold, they can't clear a mag. My glock still spits out around 3 mags. Other than those, I can't really recommend anything else atm. Everything else is mediocre/sub par/terrible; there aren't enough good co2 pistols. Though, I'm still looking out for the sig m17 p320 co2 pistol which a potential performer. Another potential option is the we m&p with co2 mags. But, those don't have the same support as glocks do... so, I have avoided them for now. So, glock or 1911. Pick your poison >:) I will be field testing my modded secutor rudis tomorrow. I can give you my report then. This test will determine whether I keep it or not.
  10. My next gun is going to be a KC02. But, with an sru bullpup kit. Exciting stuff.

  11. So I bought a crazy jet barrel which said "6.01". I thought, maybe it was a typo. It genuinely is a 6.01 crazy jet barrel wtf...

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    2. AK47frizzle


      I thought they were all 6.04mm. I bought a set for the 1911 and got a sharp fps increase... which means it genuinely is a 6.01 god dammit.

    3. AK47frizzle


      Aaaaand... with all the experimenting i've done... 1911s are still shit no matter what. Their fundamental airsoft design is just terrible.

    4. Nick G

      Nick G

      I'm pretty happy with my WE MEU . It's got a crazy jet, maple leaf rubber, wheel and I key in it and performs well. Irun it on red gas all year round and .30's, itll handle heavier but .3 tends to be what I use in pistols.

  12. Time Left: 2 hours and 6 minutes

    • Wanted
    • Used or new

    Would like a tan coloured glock lower frame. Preferably WE, with or without internals intact. Though, a TM frame would be fine too.


  13. I don't normally like to post things like these but... https://www.prefired.com/ads/double-eagle-g36-aeg/ WHAT. THE. FUCK.
  14. It's definitely a shim job that is needed, not a replacement motor. As well as probably working out the correct motor height. The pinion gear on the motor is most likely not contacting with the bevel gear (first gear it contacts in the gearbox) very well, which leads to the gear crunching noise.
  15. I might be done with electric guns and go full gas/co2/hpa

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    2. Careless


      ah kk  , my only experiance with hpa is the drop in kits and wolverine's mtw,  i know people have converted gbbrs to hpa , didnt know there was another system , yea your right about automatic fire with gbbrs , allways just use semi auto and aim for 1st hit kill if not 2nd anyway , not a fan of full auto firing so that aspect has never bothered me but for some it will be a huge draw back ..

    3. AK47frizzle


      Had a wee thought about it, probably not. I'd only use the wraith co2 stock because I hate being tied down to a hose. Suppressive fire is still very effective in woodland games, and the wraith co2 does not allow that. Well, it does. But every 180 rounds (my mid cap size), i'd have to change mag + co2 from buffer tube. I can already imagine that being extremely irritating. I'll just stick with my reliable aeg and move onto another crazy project.

    4. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      The line really isnt that bad, especially in woodland, it's no worse than a sling or a lanyard on a pistol.


      Certainly any inconvenience there is will be more than offset by the performance.

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