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  1. Task for christmas break. Complete all MGS games in a row. MGS1 done, now for MGS2 :)

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    2. Deva


      How long did it take you to complete no.1? I remember it being very long..

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      I never properly played the PS1 version of the first one, I played the Gamecube remake on the Wii (using a Gamecube controller obviously...). On the PS1 the controls were just a nightmare, I seem to remember you not being able to actually aim, you had to rely on the game's auto aim system or something and it was next to impossible to return fire if you were being shot at from a different level to the one you were on... But maybe I just didn't play it enough to get the hang of it.

    4. Deva


      I remember when I had a go a number of years on from completing it I noticed that. Think it just takes a little bit of playing to get used to as I don't remember having difficulty the first time around.

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