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  1. Chap has been named on other platforms, he's getting a lot of hate towards him. Deliberate or not it looks like he'll end up selling a cheap sniper rifle at this rate.
  2. The air pistol versions are already about, Solware have some in stock according to their website. I'd try giving them a bell and asking when the 6mm ones are coming.
  3. May help, may not regarding the trigger but kjw glocks and Marui 26 which the kjw is a direct copy of don't have the trigger that stays back but installing the pre-built guarder rear chassis converts them to the newer style action.
  4. I've had issues with UPS and Airsoft. They wanted extra money (for 'processing my ukara license') and proof of ukara for some magazines and a foregrip and were very rude about it!
  5. Sorry to hear about your dog, very sucky. I'd AstroTurf it.
  6. And that his jackhammers were real.
  7. I had an enthusiastic chap tell me a WE M14 had similar recoil to the real thing. Guessing he'd never shot a .308 or any kind of firearm...
  8. The solution here seems simple. Ref gets ordained online, marry two players at the start of the day and you have an Airsoft themed wedding on your hands rather than a day of Airsoft.
  9. I see your FAMAS and raise you that Redcap was proper military policeman.
  10. Hello and welcome! I can only think of No Russian...
  11. So I just dropped the van off from moving my stuff (far far away from Stafford) and log on to see this. 😒
  12. Have known sites run a small area, less than serious, pistol/shotgun only game after a brief lunch. Quite a good idea, meant that if anyone wanted longer for lunch/gun repairs/ recover and rehydrate they could sit that one out and not really miss out. Plus the reduced game area meant less Marshalls needed so one could man the shop/sort burgers etc.
  13. For a training aid you may want to consider the umarex G22 air pistol (nbb) OEM'd by Wingun. Dimensions are spot on and they're super durable. My side gig is doing airgun demos for Umarex at shooting shows and we had two nbb umarex glocks mistreated/abused by the public for 3 days and go about 9000 bbs without any issues at the first weekend we used them. One of the chaps kept one of those pistols and it's still going strong. Then get something else new and shiny for airsofting! No fun just using familiar stuff all the time.
  14. Certainly weren't doing that when I played there. Also witnessed a whole load of uni guys sharing a single set of Dan Wesson power down shells for the chrono. Needless to say, I didn't go back.
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