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  1. Yeh the FPS is something i worried about a little when I looked into them. The 270ish fps quoted was worrying. As I have never owned a TM before, i am going purely on acoustic and the reviews on this gun. From what i read the TM hopups are the dogs bollox. I am fortunate that the site I was at allowed full auto, so will look forward to it then. Do you ever have issues with the low fps on the tm high cycles? I am pretty much going to run this stock out the box as i have heard numerous people saying they are great as is.
  2. Alright everyone, New to the forums. Played my first game Sunday there at Section8 glasgow/shotts and had the best Sunday ever. After stumbling across some random youtube video of airsoft (had never heard of it before) I instantly thought, that looks the business, how do i get involved. Showed a few mates some videos and we were all interested. After buying all our kit and not listening to a word of advice ( rent and see if you like it first ) the 3 of us went to Section8 on Sunday there. Absolutely superb is all I can say. I took my go pro and recorded pretty much all of it, met some amazing people and had a blast, as did my 2 mates. Nicest bunch of people I have met ( and craziest. One guy on my team had the biggest pony tail and kept blowing this huge [email protected]£k!ng horn randomly during the game when we were attacking the other team, hilarious ). Honest bunch, everyone calling there hits, everyone helping teammates out with magazines, medics, cover etc. Just a fantastic group of people to be around. I will be back there most likely every other week and recommend Section8 to anyone who plays this sport. We are all booked into the depot for some CQB in 2 weeks. I will be around the forums a lot. Just saying Hi! Liam
  3. I have only been involved in airsoft for the last 7 weeks. Buying my first gun( ASG Armalite M15) /camo/rig out and loving every minute of it. Of course when the Mrs says "you work hard for your money, spend it" I over react and go a bit OTT. As said in a previous post, before i had even played this sport I have spent in upward of £600. For someone who hasn't played before and heard the usual "rent first see if you like it" which was excellent advice, which I pretty much ignored and went balls deep in airsoft gear. I played my first game with 2 mates on Sunday there at Section8 in Glasgow/Shotts and was absolutely blown away with how good this sport is, though fuming at myself as I have never came across this earlier in life (31 now). I was defending a base called canadia with my mates and another teammate who was close by. Loving life firing my m15 armalite which i had spray painted camo to my liking and heard this random teammate fire his weapon to which i shout " [email protected]*k me, what is that?" He replies tokyo marry aug. I hear him all game and my mates are like holy shit listen to that. I literally come home and pull the trigger (pun intended) on this from zeroone and will be delivered tomorrow. I also have just bought a WE m1911 from them also and loved it in my first game. TL;DR I JUST BOUGHT A FKING TM AUG HIGH CYCLE PURELY DUE TO THE ACOUSTICS AND FIRE RATE! Granted it is ugly and folk don't like bullpups, but that gun sounds obnoxiously aggressive and i had to get it. Liam
  4. First of all i am extremely jealous. I was lucky enough to spend a month in Cyprus, and hand on heart is the nicest place I have been to in my life (i have been to a lot of countries). Cyprus is beautiful and the people there are the nicest/friendliest I have encountered. If I had a choice i'd be joining you in Cyprus. Enjoy and good luck with your move. I hope you get to play this great sport over there Mark. All the best when it comes around.
  5. New to the game also. Didn't put me off buying gear, i've yet to play and have spent upwards of £600 so far, as have another 2 mates (first game next sunday). Plus I'm kinda looking forward to doing the camo paint job to get rid of the horrendous blue IF.
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