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  1. Yes mate, I have a lens protector on the holo, no lens protector on the magnifier. No matter what focal length, focus or distance between the magnifier objective and the holo I set, with the holo lens protector in place, the picture is blurry as all hell. Take off the holo lens protector and it is clear as a bell. I'll check to see if there is a film on the lens protector though.
  2. Okay, now I've got all that sorted and the magnifier is mounted and aligned, how do you guys get a clear picture with a lens protector on the holo?
  3. Now you are just being ridiculous, a whole £8.22 extra, not sure I can stretch to that! Thanks buddy, much appreciated.
  4. That is a nice bit of kit and a great suggestion thanks. I'm not sure it will do the job for me though, I'm mating the magnifier to a Nuprol 553 holo, so in the down position it may interfere with the main sight.
  5. I'm just picking one of these up shortly but, if anyone else uses one or something similar, what do you use for lens protection on it when it flipped to the side?
  6. A couple of their marshalls are spot on, a couple are utterly useless at dealing with fuckery. There is a decent amount of dickheads who refuse to call hits. I've been a few times and if you get the good marshalls, it can be a good day out.
  7. Early KM videos were okay, but as its gone along, he's become obsessed with being a bit of a drama queen and trying to create issues. I've not yet met him at Phoenix, but I think from playing there a few times, I can gather why he goes there.
  8. Hi all, I'm looking for an idea of worth for this. Included and professionally fitted is: Maxx pro cylinder Maxx pro cylinder head Maxx pro piston head Maxx pro nozzle M105 spring Lonex hi-speed hi-torque motor ZCI aluminium rotary hop unit Maple leaf rubber and omega tensioner. All in the original box with original flip up iron sights and Bolt hi cap mag. Not a mark on it, has had about 2000 bbs through it total since new.
  9. No excuse for throwing hands in a game of toy soldiers. The scrawny one shouldn't have tried to turn the chunky dudes head into a collander, but, let's be honest, if he didn't want to risk being shot in the face at close range, he shouldn't have gone charging in like a stupid twat bahaha!
  10. I've heard of a couple of people who have done the same and are enjoying.
  11. I've got the H nubs and a 70 Predator bucking on the way myself. Apparently there is a wasp piston on the way and I think edgi has a range of scout parts too. I've not noticed a change in performance with temperature change, but then I've only recently got it and run it for 1 game day, so it's only had about 200bbs through it but even so, I am impressed with it and how well the standard bucking performs without being broken in.
  12. I guess if you have a sorted sniper with your upgrades in it, there's no need to change. I was more thinking about folks who are looking for an out the box usable sniper. I bought one recently and have to say I'm impressed, but I just wondered if anyone else thought the same or if its price puts people off.
  13. Gun Name and maker: Double Eagle M66 Pro 700 FPS: 499 on 0.2g Hop up: Rotary with positive click Mag Capacity: 50 Battery: N/A Plastic/Metal/Both: Both My opinion and overall comments: I bought one of these having seen it and read the initial reviews where it was being touted as a field able out the box jobby. Ergonomically, it's quite pleasing and a little different to the other popular sniper platforms and out the box the performance is pretty spectacular for the price point, but, it's as heavy as a freight train and you'll need either a sling or arms like Garth to carry it about all day. It will lift heavy weight bbs out the box but the joule creep is one to watch, on 0.4g I initially hit 2.46j and this is where the downsides start. Leave it cocked in the bag for a week and it dropped to 2.38j on the 0.4g but went no further for leaving it another week. On testing at a range, it will lob shots out to about 80m, but not in a flat trajectory and I was unable to get it even remotely flat with the hop rotary clicks effort. Anywhere past 50m though and the shots are scattered around like a mad dogs crap and the consistency was just not there at all. Out of 5 shots, 1 went remotely straight. Clean the barrel out with some alcohol and have another go, this time it's better, but still not great. So, change the hop rubber, it will take a VSR rubber so I plumped for a Decepticon 70 degree and had another go. Now the joules are down to a solid and consistent 2.0j on 0.4g, and the shot consistency is way better, but I'm getting outraged by blokes with average AEGs. Biggest downside is, its based on the TM M40, but only based, not fully compatible. The cylinder and piston are an odd size and effectively the only bits you'll be able to upgrade easily is the hop rubber, nub and spring. Overall, looks good, shoots okay after a new hop rubber but no range, not cheap and no upgrade parts available. Probably best to avoid for now. Overall rating: 5/10
  14. So, let's talk about the elephant in the room. In a sea of VSR clones and upgraded homebuilds, SRS beasts and cheap but cheerful cyma snipers, what's peoples opinions of the Steyr Scout from Modify/ASG?
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