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  1. Can anyone shed some light on why the Delta guys rolled Rone's body off the roof? Was it just for quickness? Just seems highly disrespectful if it actually happened for real
  2. I've got one and think its good for the price but bear in mind you will need to get the sleeve inserts seperately so all together you may be spending between £40 - £45 I know other people have opted for the TMC version but that is a full set with the inserts included https://www.weapon762.com/chest-rig/1774-tmc-modular-lightweight-chest-rig-standard-set.html?search_query=tmc+chest+rig&results=104 The scrote pouch is handy for carrying extra stuff and protects your belly more as well https://www.amazon.co.uk/Viper-Tactical-Scrote-Velcro-Abdomen/dp/B07C3W8XLM I used to poo poo viper but think they've gone up in the game with the VX range and I also have their VX 2 point sling which works well for me
  3. Yea retailer said they put in the M90 spring as the one already fitted into the RIF is too hot for UK sites (390+ apparently) and is illegal M90 varies between 310-350 but I'm sure like you said after a few hundred BBs it will drop
  4. Thanks for everyon'e input on this I've received the RIF but not sure if this is from all UK retailers but I was expecting it to come with a spare M90 spring in the box but didn't I assume it must come pre-installed? Though on the box it has 342fps written on it but would have expected it to be lower if it was an M90 spring unless the retailers crono is off
  5. Thanks again. Found your previous post with link to component shop
  6. Cool. Good to know Any recommendations on batteries? Looking to get 7.4v LIPO Deans
  7. Thanks for the link Asomodai Free shipping as well so a plus
  8. Dare I take the plunge and order from this notorious seller? Planning to get a Specna Arms Edge but can't see many UK sellers have any in stock apart from BBGuns4Less https://bbguns4less.co.uk/products/specna-arms-sa-e12-edge-river-rock-arms-carbine-in-black.html Or shall I get it from Gunfire?
  9. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Used once £15 includes P&P and paypal fees 6 single pistol & 3 double stacker/Kangaroo type ammo pockets with drainage holes Holds 6 M4/M16 mag & 6 pistol mag. MOLLE compatible with multiple attach points Padded cross-back shoulder strap with webbing & D-ring. Adjustable Hook-and-Loop openings & paracords Unique Swivel Lockster/Push-Button release buckle. Mesh pocket & 2 open-top mag pouch Large built-in utility pocket. One size fits most. Weight: 820g



  10. menphis

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    ** Update - Reduced down to £50 ** Looking to sell the whole lot for £50 which includes P&P and paypal fees x1 mil-tec olive dump pouch x1 gun clip clone for G17 x1 IMI Defence Glock 20 holster x1 IMI Defence 1911 holster x1 Fobus G17 light bearing holster x1 Gloves x1 Viper Molle drop leg x1 8 Fields Molle drop leg x1 8 fields LMG sling x1 Condor Recon Chest Rig Olive



  11. Dito I get mine shipped to my work address All they wanted was a scan of my driving license with my UKARA registered home address on it but with another shop they had to ship to my UKARA address
  12. i would say so considering they market their NX200 with it which is a clone of SF x300 and looks to be the same x300 clones you get off eBay but just with Nuprol stamp on it
  13. i know what you mean. Played at the Wigan Mill and planning to play at Level2. Level 2 looks to be a bit more bigger and like you said more open space. People who have played at Level 2 have said that its really good. I heard that the owner Andy used to Marshall at the Mill as well https://youtu.be/WQE2FVqFnSU From the opening on this vid the Market area is open but there are more confined areas of the map Just have to check it out yourself but i'm sure you won't be disappointed Note that like the Mill its at the top floor so quite a few stairs to walk up
  14. Does this not use the 5.1 Magazine (31 round)? Pretty sure few shops stock these
  15. welcome, in terms of places to play around the area: Bury - Labyrinth (CQB) Heyhood - Area 38 (CQB in old school) Oldham - Sou Kula Swinton - First and Only Shop Bunker (Wed nights - small CQB) Wigan - The Mill (opening this weekend) (CQB) Leek - Anzio (FIBUA) Stockport - Invasion (CQB Mill)
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