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    ** Update - Reduced down to £50 ** Looking to sell the whole lot for £50 which includes P&P and paypal fees x1 mil-tec olive dump pouch x1 gun clip clone for G17 x1 IMI Defence Glock 20 holster x1 IMI Defence 1911 holster x1 Fobus G17 light bearing holster x1 Gloves x1 Viper Molle drop leg x1 8 Fields Molle drop leg x1 8 fields LMG sling x1 Condor Recon Chest Rig Olive



  2. Dito I get mine shipped to my work address All they wanted was a scan of my driving license with my UKARA registered home address on it but with another shop they had to ship to my UKARA address
  3. i would say so considering they market their NX200 with it which is a clone of SF x300 and looks to be the same x300 clones you get off eBay but just with Nuprol stamp on it
  4. i know what you mean. Played at the Wigan Mill and planning to play at Level2. Level 2 looks to be a bit more bigger and like you said more open space. People who have played at Level 2 have said that its really good. I heard that the owner Andy used to Marshall at the Mill as well https://youtu.be/WQE2FVqFnSU From the opening on this vid the Market area is open but there are more confined areas of the map Just have to check it out yourself but i'm sure you won't be disappointed Note that like the Mill its at the top floor so quite a few stairs to walk up
  5. Does this not use the 5.1 Magazine (31 round)? Pretty sure few shops stock these
  6. welcome, in terms of places to play around the area: Bury - Labyrinth (CQB) Heyhood - Area 38 (CQB in old school) Oldham - Sou Kula Swinton - First and Only Shop Bunker (Wed nights - small CQB) Wigan - The Mill (opening this weekend) (CQB) Leek - Anzio (FIBUA) Stockport - Invasion (CQB Mill)
  7. this is what i use http://airsoftwarrior.net/2015/11/tac-shack-mounting-your-action-camera-on-a-fast-helmet/ Note have to mount upside down to get closer to eye level but action camera should have option to flip the video (rotate)
  8. Coincidentally just received an email from Weapon762 saying that they have got this back in stock now. Note on Ebairsoft that it was free shipping
  9. I've recently purchased this belt from EbairSoft (http://www.ebairsoft.com/inch-fighter-belt-multicam-p-9936.html) for around £50. Weapon762 also have it but its currently out of stock at the moment. I went for the large as my waist size is around 36" and luckily just fits. I think large is for between 33" to 36" Pretty much a copy of the Senshi belt by Ronin Tactics where have both inner and outer belt held together by velcro First thoughts are that its pretty solid and rigid which is what you need from a hard belt. I like the metal cobra buckle and overall prefer it over my Emerson waist battle belt. This has molle on the outside and can be quite stiff to put molle attachments on as there is very little give but suppose that's not a bad thing as it keeps the attachment nice and tight. So far I just have a Kydex holster, dump pouch and two Emerson Taco Pouches. Feels sturdy even when running around but yet to field test it. Will update when I've taken it out for a Skirmish
  10. only had to 5.1 and it was great. Sadly sold it because i like the compact design of the 4.3 I think the new 5.1 Gold Match performs more better.
  11. Hi, Has anyone every brought a kydex holster from this place? I originally put in an order through their website (http://rebeltacticalcustoms.com/) back in January but still haven't received it. I've been in contact with them through facebook and they had showed me a picture of my holster (they had to remake it) and said it would be sent out the following weekend. This was 2 weeks ago and they haven't been responding to my FB messages. Also their website seems to be down as well, so not sure to wait it out or look at doing a refund via paypal Thanks
  12. thanks for this. I've been having this problem recently and actually do use Cheddite primers I too just unscrewed the base slightly in order to turn to the next primer but now i know what the cause is
  13. i googled "warrior assault universal holster hi capa" and in the images there is one with the TM HiCapa Gold Match. Only downside is you can't have any light attachments with this holster
  14. left handed holsters are hard to come by i'm not 100% sure this one will accommodate hi capas http://www.warriorassaultsystems.com/elite-ops-range/holsterslegrigs/universal-pistol-holster-left-handed/universal-pistol-holster-left-handed-ct/ Hopefully someone on here might be able to comment
  15. i would recommend the cyma tri-shots CM .350 or CM .355 You have both ABS plastic and metal variants and use those 30bb shells - 10 shots per shell so need to get a few shells
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