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    Well MB-01 (L96)
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    Woodland DPM
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  1. Anyone notice anything odd/different about this? http://i.imgur.com/PDum4ar.jpg

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    2. M_P


      Your m16 has multiplied?

    3. Finius


      You haven't got any Russian goodness in there for a start...

    4. Liam Porter

      Liam Porter

      Nope, M16s are as they were when new, apart from the rails added to the G&P one.

      The pistol holster on the sniper stock is what is different, an idea someone gave me. Tried it out today, worked pretty well :P.

      Ed, the L96 and 1 M16 is mine, the other M16 is my mate's. Completed the L96 look quite a while ago.

      Finius, I will probably never get a Russian weapon....

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