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    2 mid cap mags 1 low cap / short mag Sling (soviet surplus, naturally) Can include battery if wanted Can also include the LCT PSO mount adapter if wanted Basically as stock, only changes are: 3d printed inner barrel guide within outer barrel (so you don't impact the inner when installing the outer after battery) Upgraded spring, but only up to around 360fps Only used for one game, in very good condition and a really beautiful gun (close ups of the wood stock included so you can see the condition). Selling simply because I'm not patient enough to play DMR. Post or pickup (Nottingham or Leeds areas)


    - GB

  2. Damn that's a real shame! Hopefully can get a few games in before it's gone for good though.
  3. Fair enough, if you like big teams it's not for you, and distance is always a bugger! I quite like it small (feel I can have more of an impact), so suits me. Each to their own!
  4. As mentioned, just in case any of you are interested!
  5. bog_god

    POSP 4x24 scope (PSO)

    This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Genuine POSP 4x24 scope, with soft case and rubber eye cup. Picture shows it with the LCT VSS mount - I'll swap that to the original standard mount if sold separate to the VSS (also advertised here). Glass and illuminated reticle all in perfect condition, and pictures show condition of outside (very good!). Barely used for games - sat on the VSS I coveted but I'm not a DMR player so selling both. This product: https://kalinkaoptics.com/rifle-scopes/posp/ak-vepr-saiga-slr/posp-4x24-1000m-rangefinder-ak-with-sunshade.html Happy to post or pickup (Nottingham area, potentially also Leeds soon or travel to London for games so may be flexible!)


  6. There's a lot of hate on here for what is a great site. I think it would be speak for itself regardless of who was running the day (although as I said above I really can't fault the way it was run in any material way). Don't knock it til you've tried it! You're only potentially missing out on fun!
  7. If you're going to mount a PSO scope on the LCT, it needs one of these doodads (not sure if that's the case for the NPO) because the top cover is a little too tall for the standard mount. http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airsoft/Parts_Original_Parts_LCT_LCT_PSO1_Scope_Mount_Extender.htm
  8. I was also there on the 14th as part of George's unexpected crew - fantastic site and well run IMO. I particularly liked the kill confirmed game as a more interesting spin on the usual "go shoot each other" format. The extra layer keeps it interesting while still providing quick pewpews. It felt like the gaps between games could have been a little shorter to give more game time, but "I want to play more" is about as scathing as I could be with the experience I had. Already trying to line up another date to come down (and for me that's all the way from the midlands FWIW)
  9. Just to add to the warning, I had a very similar experience in 2018. It went something like this: End of May: Ordered a grenade and 6 spare pins, with a game coming up in 3 weeks Over the next fortnight, sent 3 emails to ask when it would be despatched, called multiple times and never got an answer to either. Final email mid June to say I'd like to cancel the order and get a refund or I'd go through CC. In the meantime ordered a dynatex which turns up in a day, so I had something for the game. Holiday came up and I forgot about it End fo August: A mystery package arrives (at the billing rather than delivery address), containing the grenade. I then received an email saying sorry for the delay on the grenade ("supplier issues") and the pins would follow when in stock. Suffice to say the pins have not arrive a year later, but I never even bothered to chase as I know what to expect. So technically they do provide a product, but they are crooks in just about every other measure, such as the timescales they advertise and their approach to refunds. FWIW the dynatex has worked flawlessly, the VTG has gone off in my hand / not gone off at all without a smack on a wall a few times. TLDR: Avoid SWAT like the plague and buy a dynatex.
  10. I have an LCT VSS, pretty much for the same reason you mention - that stock is frigging beautiful. It's a solid bit of kit: the small handguard is plastic, the rest is metal/wood (and I think the handguard might actually be polymer IRL?). It's gorgeous IMO. If I had a man cave I'd likely make it a wall piece. If you've got any specific questions LMK, albeit I'll warn I'm something an airsoft novice. I played with it once, and it worked reliably and shot straight enough, albeit not a dmr as I'd done no work on it! A little front heavy thanks to the big ass integral suppresor, but given my main gun is a scoprion EVO I think that of every friend's sexy metal gun I pick up. Alas, my eyes are bigger than my biceps. I was actually pointed at your post by a friend, as I've been talking about selling the VSS to get something small and gbb (so far not a vector but I can't promise). As sexy as the VSS is (those curves...), I don't have a man cave and it doesn't suit my playstyle (generally running and faceplanting), so it currently sits tucked away. I need to pull some pics together and get an ad up, so I'll drop a link in here when I have in case you do decide to take the plunge. Regardless, let me know if you want pics / info / general ramblings about it's beauty.
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