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  1. So with our 20% vat + 3.5% import fees it won't much difference unless handling fees from the courier get involved? If i understand correctly thats not too bad an certainly still cheaper than the uk market where everything already seems to have a 30% mark up to cover thier overheads
  2. Hmmm, seems it still might be cheaper than ordering here even with the worst case scenario just with a slightly smaller difference, rif I'm looking at at the mo is 107 over there but at least 140 here and spare mags are half the price as usual, will be interesting seeing how it all pans out thats for sure
  3. Well thats gonna be an interesting discovery either way then i guess lol, it sucks wanting so much stuff while on a tight budget
  4. Does anybody know the exact rules surrounding importing/ buying from the eu after december? I gather that new fees will be added but what would happen if i were to order on say the 30th of December? Am i likely to get stung on this end even tho the transaction was done before the time limit?
  5. Looking at buying the mb15 cos u prefer the looks over the standard mb01 but i can't find anything online to tell me if the upgrade parts are compatable, anyone hot any experience with it or should i just stick to the 01?
  6. I finally managed to track down a action army aap-01, turns out it fits ipsc style universal holsters nicely but my phone won't let me upload a pic
  7. Try looking for airsoft whip on ebay, no idea why they are labeled that way but that's the only ones I've found
  8. Normal mags fit fine, I used to run g17 mags in a g19, left a bit sticking out of the bottom but no big deal, the triangle just matches up to make a diamond shape with the WET mags
  9. Was replying to the og post mate, sniper types are no good to me cos I only play indoor cqb
  10. Just bumped the ad for my cyma g36c in electric rifles if that's any good for ya

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    Putting my g36c up for sale as I've just bought a new rifle so this won't get used The stock hinges are a little broken as in the pic but it doesn't effect use, just have to be careful when folding/unfolding the stock. Two toned so no ukara needed Comes in the box with stock battery and charger and an extra 2 high cap mags, both feed flawlessly. Will throw in a folding foregrip and a single point sling if full price is met



  12. Does make me wonder if the Double stack ones would work then or if they are too wide to fit 🤔
  13. Am I correct thinking that all single stack, slim 1911 mags are prettyuch the same? Need some new ones for a src 1911 meu but the we mags are half the price so would rather grab a couple of those if they'll definitely work
  14. Valentine

    WE 1911A1 mag

    Do you think these will fit a src 1911 meu?
  15. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    For sale or trade. Got from a member here a while ago but decided its not quite me after a couple of skirmishes Comes boxed with 1we g17 mag and 1 raven g17 mag Paint is a little faded but it runs spot on, the spare raven brand mag really doesn't like the cold but works fine so long as it's not fired too rapidly Will include a tan g17 retention holster if needed Has a tight bore inner barrel and maple leaf hop I believe, installed by the previous owner Looking for sale or swap for a 1911 or budget end hicapa



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