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    used once and wired up to deans come with instruction card/setup instruction allows you to run different batteries and other functions no longer needed as upgrading to optical trigger £20 plus postage


  2. yeah far bit was semi but with a few good blasts of auto the grip getting warm doesn't worry me its the lipo it self getting warm that worry's me
  3. Roughly 200/250 shots and it's was warm on the grip and battery
  4. so after having too many issues with my home built m4 decided to suck it up and buy a gun in the mean time I opened up with gearbox to change the trigger for a adjustable one I had lying about but noticed the shimming was shocking the gears far to much movement for my liking so being an maintenance engineer I couldn't stand for that and striped the box apart and re-shimmed and all seamed nice and smooth and a very tiny amount up movement happy days assemble the box back and fit back in the gun after testing with a 7.4 lipo the ETU throws a wobble fine ordered some 11.1 20C battery's and tested with them seems happy sounds nice and smooth but then noticed the grip getting warm and then when removing the battery it seemed very warm to hold I feel like this is not normal for a lipo can this be an ETU problem causing to much resistance it hasn't blown a fuse yet either anyone have any suggestions on wear to look ?
  5. the standard barrel poked about and inch in to the suppressor the new one just about flush of the start of the suppressor but was seeing if anyone new of any tracer silencers that fitted the sd5/6 locking tabs or if there was some fancy hop up unit like the 3-1 madbulls ones my last options was to try and split the standard one and fit the inners of a cheapo one and see if the idea was do-able instead of spending 60+ on a acetech
  6. i did see that but cant see how it would work on a JG and looks like the silencer looks vastly slimmer plus wouldn't need the barrel as got a prommy 6.03
  7. anyone know of any tracer options for a sd5 such as an adaptor to go in the mp5 silencer slots or a tracer hop up ?
  8. if you are hands on person and taken the bolt apart before I would suggest trying this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airsoft-CNC-Machined-Power-Down-Valve-Set-For-KSC-KWA-S7-NS2-MP9-MP7/141409941879?epid=935665992&hash=item20ecb07977:g:rCAAAOSwGvhUGNbn iv run them in mine and I CQB safe at about 335ish
  9. for a good intermediate gun to work on is a mp9 kwa/asg I wouldn't say its easy but it not hard mostly pins and springs I enjoyed changing parts and servicing it plus with a few mods kick hard and feels good to shoot
  10. i don't rate AIP stuff very well had a few of there products like the nozzle fitted in my WE hicapa and the plastic cracked after 2 shoots as you are running HPA is the piston/nozzle lube up properly a sticky nozzle well create slide movement issues
  11. I have the torch in the first link and also play at bunker time to time torch has served me well over two years its more like 500lm then the stated 1000 only problem I had was the pressure pad wire came of the end of the torch but simple re soldiered back on works like a champ
  12. i have one on my cqb m4 it has its flaws like if you run the tracer led strip it shines throu the mag well and some of the gaps as its very bright accuracy is OK at best nothing to wright home about I probs would never buy one again great idea but very expensive for what it is
  13. why not try looking at this as an option https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/madbull-ultimate-3-in-1-hop-up-chamber-unit-including-led-module yes they are a tad expensive but they do work very well
  14. alex90

    KWA mp9

    the work perfect iv got 3 ksc and 5 kwa mags and I cant tell which one is what but they feed and fire fine
  15. anyone know wear I can get just the blank for the right hand side receiver of the selector not a clue wear mine has gone thanks alex
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