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  1. alex90

    MP9 CQB Bolt

    if you are hands on person and taken the bolt apart before I would suggest trying this https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airsoft-CNC-Machined-Power-Down-Valve-Set-For-KSC-KWA-S7-NS2-MP9-MP7/141409941879?epid=935665992&hash=item20ecb07977:g:rCAAAOSwGvhUGNbn iv run them in mine and I CQB safe at about 335ish
  2. alex90

    Wholesaler's and Hobbies

    for a good intermediate gun to work on is a mp9 kwa/asg I wouldn't say its easy but it not hard mostly pins and springs I enjoyed changing parts and servicing it plus with a few mods kick hard and feels good to shoot
  3. alex90

    Hi-Capa Gas Efficiency Problem

    i don't rate AIP stuff very well had a few of there products like the nozzle fitted in my WE hicapa and the plastic cracked after 2 shoots as you are running HPA is the piston/nozzle lube up properly a sticky nozzle well create slide movement issues
  4. alex90

    torch for ucap on thursday

    I have the torch in the first link and also play at bunker time to time torch has served me well over two years its more like 500lm then the stated 1000 only problem I had was the pressure pad wire came of the end of the torch but simple re soldiered back on works like a champ
  5. alex90

    [Thoughts] Madbull Ultimate 3-in-1 Hop-Up

    i have one on my cqb m4 it has its flaws like if you run the tracer led strip it shines throu the mag well and some of the gaps as its very bright accuracy is OK at best nothing to wright home about I probs would never buy one again great idea but very expensive for what it is
  6. alex90


    Overall rating (1 - 10): 10 Would you deal with the trader again (Yes / No): Yes Any other comments Very friendly, very easy to deal with quick response and quick payment thanks Alex
  7. alex90

    ARP- 9 Tracer Unit

    why not try looking at this as an option https://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/madbull-ultimate-3-in-1-hop-up-chamber-unit-including-led-module yes they are a tad expensive but they do work very well
  8. alex90

    KWA mp9

    the work perfect iv got 3 ksc and 5 kwa mags and I cant tell which one is what but they feed and fire fine
  9. alex90

    m4 fire selector blank

    anyone know wear I can get just the blank for the right hand side receiver of the selector not a clue wear mine has gone thanks alex
  10. alex90

    first timer hampshire

    i live in Southampton and there a few places around me that are all very good and all very much different mentioned before u have UCAP they have a few sites south coast cqb ground zero ambush adventures I haven't played there in a long time so cant say what it like anymore combat south but be handy to no wear about in Hampshire you live
  11. alex90

    PISTOLS ? Hk help!

    I owned the kwa/umarex usp 45 and was really nice pistol to shoot was pretty accurate with 0.30g and the gas efficiency was amazing with the ns2 system only downside was the recoil was not satisfying enough for me but simple uprated recoil spring easy and was on the large side but a very nice gun to play with wish I never sold it
  12. alex90

    Arc whilst charging!!

    may help if you said what type of battery
  13. alex90

    MP9 venting issue.

    either the piston head/nozzel is dried up and needs oil or the nozzle return springs need looking at
  14. alex90

    best methods of AOE - Angle of Engagement

    i was planning on using my 7.4 lipos as to keep it down a tad but like u said the ETU dosnt like anything less then 11.1 what trigger and mosfet combs are worth looking at its purely for that trigger pull as my other m4 has micro switch and going back to standard contacts would find it strange
  15. alex90

    best methods of AOE - Angle of Engagement

    when I first got I checked my high torque motor straight in and put deans on and was a massive improvement just doing that and im just purely doing it for s'#ts and giggles really having a nice load raspy noise followed by a stream of green tracers just sounds like fun I don't intend in the gun being anything special the ETU I had it running in my last gearbox before I swapped it and was running really nice was happy with the trigger pull and never had any issues so maybe just lucked out on that one and only issue was not happy on 7.4 lipo fired few shots then cut out and this gearbox is going to be a learning curve for me anyway never built a gearbox like this so just going to see what happens really