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  1. Asking for a friend because he is too lazy to make an account and stuff, but does anyone know where they can buy glock aftermarket upgrades?
  2. There probably is already a thread on this site, but I just want to make one for the sake of newer people coming in. The site is run by Mike Cripps, and only him if I'm not mistaken. He knows what he is talking about, and after over 50 emails of talking over several weeks, I got all my items, on time and just as he said. He gave his advice and made sure I wasn't going to be missing something. If anyone is looking for Hi-Capa pars, then http://www.eliteshootingcentre.co.uk/About/About.htm is probably the place to go.
  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking to buy a Vortex Viper at some point, price at £210 is a bit much, looking for something a little bit under that price. Condition doesnt matter.


  4. yeah that was my thought, nothing good comes from NUPROL as far as im aware, asides the gas, but i havent found any sources or reviews to say otherwise
  5. Just seen these, what are peoples opinion on them? anyone got one? if so, how does it hold up
  6. Yeah, I knew what responses would come, just wanted to see people experiences of them
  7. well, i actually own a gold match, just wondering about peoples actual experience as i was always told to just ignore we and got for TM.
  8. What are some people experience/view on this argument, would love to hear stories of WE vs TM and would like to know what you think personally on the topic
  9. Really tight budget, best place to get some TM Hicapa mags?

  10. Oh right,ok. Ive been talking to him a fair bit, however dont think ill be getting a new outer barrel just yet
  11. I dont actually have it yet so I cant, but im thinking about getting a tighter inner barrel, and was once informed that if you change the inner, you need a new outer but you dont
  12. If i get a new inner barrel, will i have to get a new outer barrel?
  13. Oh right, I see what you mean, but where does this come in? Im new in this area, so im clueless haha, apologies
  14. Im a bit confused as to what you are referring to.
  15. Anyone know how it works? I have a TM HiCapa Gold Match on the way and need to know if it requires a threaded barrel. The gold match doesnt come with a threaded barrel so fingers crossed
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