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  1. Spent all day trying to fix this horrible scraping in my L96. In the process, I noticed the state of the hop rubber. Fitted a new one, put tape all over the place, put the gun back together. Scraping is now gone. Test fired it - new hop rubber is too hard, doesn't actually let BBs past it. *sigh*

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    2. Liam Porter

      Liam Porter

      It's the most hassle ever. That said, it's been good fun and I've solved the hop up problem, scraping problem and a couple of others too. Haven't had chance to test it yet, but am updating my review thread soon.

      Given the opportunity, I would definitely go back and do that. Arden recently bought one from them and has had no problems with it at all, and it shoots pretty well, think it still has the stock barrel in it.

      If they have an upgraded VSR for sale, I'm...

    3. Liam Porter

      Liam Porter

      ...going to be so tempted to buy it.

      Why does this thing not tell me if I go over the character limit in comments!?

    4. Airsoft-Ed


      Annoying isn't it? Lol

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