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    Tokyo Marui Lightning Hawk .50AE & Tokyo Marui Albert. W. Model 01P
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  1. I'm really happy with my pickup, it looks and feels great! I just need to go hunting for a decent M4 for once I get into airsoft proper.
  2. The Albert isn't? According to the website it is! It's used by the Umbrella Special Case Handling Team which is headed up by Chris (at the end of RE7). As far as I know, there's two versions of the Albert. The standard one, which is what I have and the one you listed above too. Ha, I get you. Once I have the chance, I'll get into skirmishing and probably just pick up a cheap'o M4 until I get something a little bit nicer!
  3. Resident Evil & cool ass weaponry have always gone hand in hand. And now I've finally got MY hands on both the Lightning Hawk from the Resident Evil 2 Remake & the Albert W. Model 01P from Resident Evil 7! I've waited years to get these and I'm so happy to finally have these in my hands. I know it might seem a bit silly to get this excited over two Tokyo Marui guns which will never see the field but I couldn't be happier at the moment. Took some, what I think anyway, decent pictures to celebrate! For now though, racking the slides a million time will
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