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  1. Hey gang. I'm after an early 2000s style M4A1, as I'm looking to re-create a particular build from Resident Evil 3 (not the remake). Either way, I've come across three potential options but I'm unsure about each brand and some guidance/recommendations would be much appreciated! Money isn't an issue for this build and here are the choices, Specna Arms, ICS, and E&C. Now, I'm not too familiar with these brands and as you can guess, I'm looking for quality. Are there other options I should consider from other brands? I know TM makes an M4A1 but I've heard mixed things regarding their recoil shock version. Any help would be grand, thanks everyone!
  2. Looking to get my first AKS-74U from LCT, have the option of deciding whether or not its wired to Mini Tamiya, Deans or XT60.
    What should I go for and what are the actual differences between the three?
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    2. Rogerborg


      Agreed, Deans is the good enough + common enough solution.


      XT-60 is common enough on RC batteries but they tend to be blocks rather than sticks, so (assuming you don't want to rewire airsoft batteries yourself) it's really a question of whether you can source batteries with that connector which will fit in the available space.



    3. Adolf Hamster

      Adolf Hamster

      although an argument in favour of xt60 if you solder your own connections, is nobody is going to be sponging/stealing your batteries

    4. Druid799


      Deans and XT’s are on a par when it comes too power transfer but as the others have said deans are so much easier to source already fitted to batt’s and what not . In comparison to basically every other connector you could think of Tamiya’s (both sizes) are an utter pile of wank when it comes to transfer rates there just so inefficient in comparison . So no don’t have one of those fitted ! 😉

  3. Figured I'd share a few shots of my latest pickup, really happy with how it looks/feels. Now all I need is to get the folding stock and hook, then I'm sorted!
  4. I've got a decent list as of now, in terms of what I'm interested! I think the AKS-74U might be next and LCT seems to have me covered for that, I'm also interested in picking up an F2000 (as well as the Five-seveN) and a FAMAS as well. With the FAMAS though, I've heard that all of 'em are pretty pants in terms of how they perform and build quality (according to videos and posts I've seen online).
  5. Ha, I understand. It's like asking what the best car manufacturer is! Rather than best, perhaps what are some of the brands that should be avoided? I often see Lancer Tacitical and Novritsch paired together as two brands worth avoiding.
  6. On another post, someone broke it down like this: M6/M16 AEG, I'd go G&P as long as I could get it with trademarks G3, LCT AK, LCT or possibly cyma P90, King Arms Would you largely agree? I come across more horror stories than praises when it comes to buying from certain brands, but that's probably my own fault in terms of what I'm reading! It'd suck to buy something like an M4 from G&P, only for another brand in a similar price point to be better.
  7. Ah, interesting. In terms of AEG's, what are some absolutely solid brands that are worth looking into? I'm not too interested in gas blowback rifles, just because of the extra maintance, so it'd be great to know what I should be keeping an eye out for.
  8. Sorry for what might seem like a silly question but I'd love to know what everyone here thinks. As the title says, is Tokyo Marui always a safe bet? As of now, my airsoft collection is small, with it only comprising of different handguns (mostly from TM). However, I've got my TM SPAS-12 arriving tomorrow, which I'm quite excited about, as it's my first "big" airsoft gun! I'm slowly building my collection and looking to replicate certain weapons and load-outs from my favourite games. For instance, the M4A1 from RE3 on the PS1 includes a vertical foregrip, bipod and an Aimpoint, something I'd love to put together one day but in airsoft form! I know there are plenty of M4A1 variations, from a bunch of different brands but TM also sells their own Recoil AEG M4 SOCOM. It might not be full metal but for something like that, would I be getting a product that works out of the box with good performance and wouldn't require me to mess around with upgrades? Another example is TM's SG552, another favourite gun of mine from old James Bond games. I know ICS and other brands have full metal versions but TM also has their own. Again, sorry for the long-winded post! I hope you peeps understand what I'm trying to ask here. I'm not much of a hardcore player but for someone who collects and then occasionally plays, is Tokyo Marui a safe bet for someone like myself? Or should I always be considering other brands as well?
  9. The G&G UMG, yay or nay? What are your experiences with this UMP and are there any alternatives from other brands worth picking up?


    Any guidence would be grand!

    1. Druid799


      Do you like the look of it ? that’s the real question , if yes you do then get it , if not that sold on it then don’t . As you will often read on this forum unless you spend some serious beer tokens near ALL the AEG’s in a particular price range are much of a muchness . After playing for waaaaaayyyyy too long I’ve come to the conclusion if a gun is from one of the ‘main Airsoft manufacturers’ then the deciding factor are the aesthetics of the gun and not it’s possible performance as basically they’ll all perform the same . 👍

    2. kasaran


      Having got the original G&G UMG, the plastic certainly feels more sturdy than the Umerex's i poked at on a site that used them for rentals.  But for the price difference either will do ya fine.  Mine did need the hop unit modding though, as the slider was so lose it would undo itself.  Simple fix, a washer put under the bolt that holds it fixed it fine, and it hops 0.28's with ease stock.

  10. Does anyone here have prior experience with ordering from Target-Softair.com?


    Looking for UK links for this specific gun but can't seem to find 'em.



    1. Rogerborg


      Just the general observation that anything remotely assault-toy related coming into the country is highly likely to get stopped at the moment, and a firearms declaration required.  You're looking at weeks-to-months to get it, assuming that you can actually produce a defence for importing it.

    2. Druid799
  11. Yeah, it's pretty funky. So I can fire the airsoft gun once and the hammer goes back, as it normally should but then the trigger stays about half way after that, in which trying to repeat fire doesn't send the hammer going back (so nothing happens). It's really odd, I want to send it to a tech to have a look at but I'm unsure who to send it to.
  12. I've never been the biggest fan of the Colt 1911 but the AM .45 by Tokyo Marui is something else and for an airsoft gun, this looks and feels great. NGL though, I still want the pink version of this and that pink P90 too...
  13. When it comes to upgrading an airsoft gun, where do you start?


    I've got a WE WE712 that's stock at the moment but I'd like to keep it in top tip shape and performance.


    What should I be looking for about replacing?

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    2. TheFriendlyBro


      So basic rule of thumb, don't mess around with your collection unless it's broken? I'm interested in learning more about upgrading but unsure where to begin and what's what with each different airsoft gun.


      And to answer your question Rogerborg, yes! But not as many times as I'd like. Getting more into collecting than playing.

    3. DBGXXI


      Generally speaking the very first upgrade recommendations are the hop rubber and barrel usually (most of the cases depending on the gun of course)

      But only if you're extremely unhappy with the stock performance and have a good confirmation of certain products that will 100% work and being truly an upgrade 

    4. TheFriendlyBro


      Thanks for the information DBGXXI!

  14. This might be a silly question, as I'm reading conflicting threads but does the UK have a national airsoft FPS limit?


    Looking to pick up a Real Sword AK but would the FPS downgrade to 350FPS be required? Any guidence would be grand, thanks.

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    2. Rogerborg


      Flawless answer.


      A couple of notes. First, sellers shouldn't be flogging these things in the UK without downgrading the power.  However, as a curious legal quirk, you're the one committing the offence by buying a Section 5 prohibited firearm, not them for selling it.  So, yes, get it downgraded, something that will already have been done to even the cheapest CYMAs.


      Second, I'm getting the distinct impression that you don't actually play airsoft, and so I'm rather expecting a followup question along the lines of "What's the best way to re-activate a de-activated AK?  For research purposes."

    3. TheFriendlyBro


      Thanks for the response, Impulse!

    4. colinjallen


      Possibly not quite flawless; Northern Ireland, which is part of the UK, has a 1J limit across both semi- and full-auto.

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