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  1. I like the ICS CXP .08 nice little gun.
  2. very nice, let me guess, a AGM/AMG (which ever way round it is) MP44
  3. just a small list, but very expensive Ok so some of this stuff I have some I don't, so this is a kit list Im hoping to get together by May next year: To buy: -Crye G3 Multicam trousers -Crye G3 Multicam ubacs -Paraclete SOHPC or HPC RG/OD -Molle pouches etc. -PTT radio -Nacre quite pro -Sordins Bought: -Systema M4A1 MaxII PTW -TM Glock 17c -Blackhawk serpa holster -Oakley SI assault gloves -Lowa Desert boots
  4. Well I picked up this little old thing yesterday. sexy!
  5. Ive been to asda and mcy D's in my dpm and got forces discount! Lol today I bought 2pints of semI skimmed milk eggs, bacon, suassages, bread, hash browns and mushrooms =) oh and black pudding!
  6. No canceled the order it was going to take well over 3 months to get it. So gave up waiting.
  7. What I bought... 1x Systema M4A1 PTW (with tac mods) 6x HW mid cap systema mags 1x G&P kac ras 2x fire fox 11.1V 1200mA lipo batteries British army MTP: ubacs, trousers and shirt. 1x LT6094 plate carrier + pouches 2x TM glock 17c 1x blackhawk serpa holster 1x lowa desert boots 1x oakly si m-frame shooting glasses Total = £2235
  8. bloody high cap heros! get low caps! I dont own a High cap anymore its great!
  9. oh very nice, that on my list for christmas
  10. well, when i say scope I mean all types lol like EOtech or Reddot...etc.
  11. I would agree with Cerbo, a bigger scope would be great!
  12. Haha, OMG I'v been planking them and they are so good! Accurate up2 25-30m! Not 100% ofc. But the range as well, well worth every penny! Highly recommend!
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