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  1. From Ipswich. Played at Ravens a couple of times and trying to get myself back into the hobby. Hoping to go there again soon.
  2. I may be able to help you out sometimes if you dont have any solid offers yet. Im a new player. Only been to one site but wanting to go more regularly and try out other place. Im trying to get a mate to join the hobby who lives in Mersea and im Ipswich so would be easy to offer lifts.
  3. haha two toned gun? what was i talking about? Its just my modern tribute to those who had shoddy weapons in vietnam lol Was a great little snippet of info there Chock
  4. First gun Dont hate me because im two toned lol
  5. Thanks for the recommendation! They turned up today and they fit! Only just though with a couple mm spare
  6. My main reason for using the site is its about 10 minutes from my house so easy enough to get to, parking doesnt sound ideal though
  7. hmmm good point about drying out i could imagine itll be very boggy there As for fingeringhoe, cant mention the place to someone who isnt local without them almost wetting themselves! Ill have a nose at the other sites as only really looked at raven so far.
  8. Ive heard that sandpit is good to, my other halfs family live in gravesend so may give it a try myself at some point.
  9. Thanks for the welcome and advice Ive ordered some blaster pellets and the bolle pilot goggles also as if the measurement i saw are right theyll fit with a few mm spare. I already have a couple of pairs of boots (a work set & my old cadets pair) laying around thatll do me nicely. Im glad it sounds like ive gone for the right gear also, i did plenty of research before finally getting the g&g. I obviously went for it as it seems to be the go to gun for newbies and a great place to start in the hobby. I did have my eye on a few other guns but couldnt justify spending £300 on a gun alone in the end. You doing any airsoft while at uni? if so any sites youd recommend locally? Im going to Raven next week providing my gun turns up but would be great to know if others are worth a look at also.
  10. Hi All, Im Stefan, i recently decided to get in to the hobby after over hearing someone talking about airsoft and remembering the fun i had shooting when i was younger (Owned Air rifles, paintball guns and airsoft). I never did airsoft at a site and just shot at friends on a local field. The guns we used to play with most of the time may aswell have been potato guns with no accuracy or distance to shots but fun none the less. So since getting the idea of airsoft in my head ive done plenty of research in to what i want/need etc and have ordered a few quids worth of bits. Since Ukara is now a hobby wide scheme that didnt exist when i was younger ive had to order myself a two tone gun for now as i didnt fancy renting when the cash to rent could go towards a nice starter gun aka future back up. So far ive brought myself - 1 x G&G CM16 Raider L 5 x Kings Arms Mid Cap mags 2 x 8.4v batteries 1 x Charger 1 x speedloader A pair of combat trousers A green hoody Black tac gloves A shemagh Ive got a few items left to grab most importantly eye protection - I wear glasses and have a pair of chunky black plastic frames which i assume are going to be hard to get goggles over, i cant wear contacts either. Annoying!!! Also i need to decide on a brand of pellets, now i know not to go cheap but what brands do people recommend? Anything else important missing that i need? Sorry for all the text, my fingers talk more than my mouth and thats saying something!!!!
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