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    Krytac pdw
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    G&G FN2000,
    own built g36
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    Non as Jersey dont have one anymore so we play in a field YAY :(
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    Airsoft ftw
  1. i have a G&G fn2000 there pretty rare
  2. yea the krytac pdw and the ugly little brother can not do wrong in my eyes
  3. the G&G midcaps are so good i swear by them
  4. i love the g36 there much cooler in my opinion the mags can double up easily they fold away nicely but in airsoft handsdown the m4 is a much better platform to go for they have much more widely available parts, more common in top end guns (very little chance of finding a top end g36) every one has m4 mags so you can share with team mates in desperate times, and you can always make an m4 look unique for you as there are literately millions of aftermarket body parts. they also have a longer barrel so that usually means better accuracy at range. g36 also suck for battery space (i have two and batteries really stress me out)
  5. so i am 100% going to the event this year it will be my first time. is there anything i should know i.e. what kind and amount of gear i should bring, how the games go and player styles?
  6. they look alot like the krytac range
  7. Krytac PDW with 3 1000mAH batterys from overlander what a machine!
  8. trying to run a BF4 engineer loadout got the head done just need to modify my chest rig to the same set up
  9. the only thing i would say is 2stage triggers in airsoft are really annoying something to take into account if you want a p90
  10. for anyone who finds this thread i found and fixed the issue feel free to message me if you get the same issue
  11. Hey guys i have run into a few issues with my dan wesson revolver and want to see if anyone else had these issues and knew how to correct them issue1: the chamber no longer spins by pulling the trigger issue2: the hammer will no longer lock back other than that the gun still works any ideas?
  12. my scoped dan wesson an atrocity to behold
  13. my scoped dan wesson an atrocity to behold
  14. the thing about any side arm is that they are usually supposed to be small and light weight so that they can be concealed easily or drawn easily. the glock pistols are very good for this which makes them ideal for alot of forces. but yes you probably will have issue with them if you have very big hands and probably will with most side arms
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