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  1. I just got some new viper covert boots and bolle raider goggles! Want a nice chest rig! But nothing too bulky
  2. So for a newbie like myself after I get my ukura do u got experience to start or keep it in the 150 range kinda like the idea of a m4 or m16 and mod it! but i guess depends on your budget with if u like loads of cheapish guns or 3 or 4 top of the range!
  3. I hope so I’m gagging for my first game!
  4. Guys anyone used site called patrol base? Seems like they got some good stuff on atm!
  5. Cheers buddy nice to be welcomed to the game!
  6. Hey names tommy! 29 and hopefully going to play at me nearest centre (Exeter) soon when this shitty virus stops! got a few bits of gear already ie goggle and a helmet and some viper boots! Hopefully I can come to some other skirmish sites! wanted to get into it for year never had the chance to to so now finally thought I’d give it ago!
  7. Is this still available
  8. So only had the account for 3 days and somehow won’t log me back in so had to make another account contacted people but with no luck and never get a email to reset!
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