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  1. Okay thanks, when I’m home I’ll have a look. It came with a box of spares, one trigger box had TM on the side and the other didn’t so I’m wondering whether the trigger was done along with the other upgrades? I’ll have a look into the sears and see whether that gives me any joy, thanks
  2. Evening all, newbie here! Today I acquired a TM VSR10 off a work colleague that used to play airsoft but for the last 3 years has found no time to play. He gave me the gun in an unworking state. Since getting it home I have began taking it apart to see how its built and how they work. When the gun was given to me the bolt was stuck out and could be pushed back in. He also reported before it broke the bolt was really easy to pull back but then there was a huge resistance pushing it back in, almost like the function of the bolt had reversed so instead of pulling the spring he was pushing it. Well anyway once apart I managed to get the bolt all the way forward and back into its correct position. Here comes my issue, sometimes when i pull the bolt back it is stiff but will be able to gently push forward to the fire, however sometimes I will pull the bolt back and when I go to push it back forward it'll shoot forward and disengage the trigger, any help is greatly appreciated, cheers.
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