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  1. Yes and I think you may need to learn to read a post before you comment with a funny type of passive aggressive post , I said "woodland games tend to be on a weekend, Saturday or sunday, also I know some sites do both Saturday and sunday as I have posted one in the reply lol Thanks for your words of kind wisdom though, you meet some great people through airsoft don't you 😂🤣🙄
  2. Ok maybe its not all sites but what I was trying to say is......lol...… most clubs have a week day evening game which is usually cqb and then there woodland games are usually on a sunday, some cqb sites may also be open on a sunday but quite a few sites do have a mid week game and a sunday game. At least ours does, so does ironsight,ground zero have sat and sunday games with a few Wednesday games, southcoast cqb has sunday and I think Thursday games. Should of said that most sites will have a weekday event as well as a weekend one, woodland games do tend to be on a Saturday or sunday though from what ive seen
  3. most woodland games are on sundays and most cqb games are on a week day in the evening like from around 7pm to 10pm, most clubs I have seen seem to stick to this formula anyway including my club
  4. DEFO 100% get some decent eye protection as the first thing you do, most rentals have a terrible habit of fogging up which can spoil your game a little, I would also get gloves second or at the same time, knuckle shots can be a little painful when playing close range cqb and can bleed. These are the first 2 things I bought when I joined my club and didn't regret it one little bit
  5. New slide came in the post this morning for my tm hi capa went for a gunsmith bros 66 gram slide, should look wicked with my silver metal barrel
  6. Someone in my club has just bought the cyma platinum and hes happy with it, pretty bloody snappy out the box and feels solid enough, weather it is quality only time will tell but they are not a bad price really on taiwanguns, under £200, I was thinking of picking one up myself for outdoor games. There isn't a great deal out there about them but they seem quite good to me with the upgrades as standard, better than a specna arms edge? that im not sure about
  7. Ive been toying with the idea of getting one of these to add to the collection, getting a glock first I think, I know people show noveritsch a lot of hate but another guy in my club has the ssp1 and swears by it, hes never had a issue and has been accurate right out the box
  8. Thanks guys, think I will go ahead and get the we glock 17 then when I have the cash Thanks again
  9. I was going to get a tm as don't mind paying more for something decent, only thing that puts me off is it dosent have a threaded barrel as stock, so will have to pay out more for a outer barrel or sas kit as I like to play with a tracer unit Was looking at the we glock 17 gen 4 as it comes with a metal slide and a 11mm threaded outer barrel as stock, for under £100 I just thought it might be a deal, I LOVE my tm 5.1 but I have upgraded it which was extra cost, would really like to buy something that I don't have to upgrade if I can Thanks for replies
  10. I know its close range but still like the bb to go exactly where im aiming lol my hi capa is pin point accurate
  11. accurate enough to be used as a main in cqb?
  12. Whats this pistol like? im seriously considering buying one as a back up/spare pistol, I use my tm hi capa 5.1 as a main at cqb which I absolutely LOVE but would like another pistol so I can mix it up a little my main need for a back up pistol is it must have a 11mm threaded outer barrel so I can put my tracer unit on it. I may be open to other pistol recommendations but do like the look of the glocks, I would of just bought another tm pistol but would have to spend additional cash on a outer barrel just so I can run a tracer, does the umerex glock 17 have a threaded barrel? All input is greatly received Thanks
  13. after my acetech tracer unit went faulty after using it twice I have been totally put off by the brand, I luckily got a full refund from amazon and ended up buying the xcortech 301 mk2, so far it has been faultless, just hope it stays that way lol
  14. Will defo pick up some anti fog wipes and funny you should say yours gets moisture between the lenses, that's exactly what our club rentals do, they fog like crazy but its between the lenses, used to drive me nuts lol and is the main reason why my first ever airsoft purchess was my i4
  15. Thanks for all the suggestions, think im going to buy the iforce duel pain goggles and see how I get on, will defo nick the 80s headband idea if I can find one lol as I really do sweat like hell! even this time of year im absolutely boiling when doing cqb while others there keep saying how cold it is hahahaha Thanks again
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