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  1. My primary for cqb, absolutely LOVE this beast
  2. I LOVE hi capas and the tm is the best of the best, you honestly wont be disappointed, great range and accuracy, straight out the box, it can easily be improved as well, all you really need is a tight bore barrel and if you are wanting to add a tracer unit get either a sas 9 ball kit or a threaded outer barrel, that's all you really need. Ive added a metal slide to mine also but got someone in my local club who is a genius with hi capas to fit it for me as the frame needs filing to fit a metal slide, its not needed though, will run on green gas great and perform amazing. Heres a pic of mine
  3. Save some cash and get the standard tm 5.1 hi capa, no need to go with the gold match, AMAZING pistols, you will love it straight out the box and if you wish to add a tracer or moderator you can get a outer barrel etc etc
  4. Syks

    Ssp1 vs ssx23

    I have both the tm hi capa 5.1 ( although I have upgraded mine) and a ssp1, the ssp1 feels cheap compared to the tm but I seem to be one of the lucky ones and mine shoots great at the moment, very accurate and doing 330fps on WE 3x gas. The ssp1 mag was leaking on arrival though but that's the only problem ive had with it so far, it is a new pistol mind and ive only played a few games at cqb with it, I bought it as a back up pistol, it does eat gas though and get just over a mag before refiling it. My tm 5.1 is still my fave pistol, I can get 3 mags out of a fill, its very accurate, lighter than the ssp1 even though I have a metal slide on it and just feels way way better quality If I were you I would get the tm 5.1 first, if you get a good ssp1 then they are decent accuracy and power wise but its a Russian roulette if yours will be good or a shitter. Love my tm though and I don't think ANY pistol will better it for me, just amazing pistols, you will be happy you got one if you do
  5. Syks

    Ssp1 gas?

    Did you decide in the end?
  6. Have a ssp1 on its way to me but already starting to regret it lol I knew of the problems some people have faced but thought "fook it, its only going to be a back up" so went with it, just hope I get a good one now, only time will tell if I should of bought something like the we hi capa from the u.k instead lol
  7. My mate had the krytac and it was a decent rifle, felt solid and accuracy was good, cant really go wrong with one, quite easy to work on/strip as well when the time comes for you to
  8. Both are awesome, I LOVE hi capas
  9. So here she is, my finished main weapon of choice for cqb, haven't really done too much to it, just put a tight bore inner barrel and a threaded outer barrel, also put on my new metal slide from gunsmith bros weighing just 66 grams, used it last night for the first time since finished and shoots AMAZING! its great that I can now use red gas in this weather also it shoots pinpoint accurate and any misses are down to me not the pistol, im so happy with it. Post your hi capa builds in this thread if you wish so we can all drool over them haha
  10. Syks

    Ssp1 gas?

    Tm gbb pistols are EXCELLENT! only drawback is the slide can crack after a while when using green gas, saying that there are people in my club who have run there 5.1 on green gas for over a year and its still going strong, I wasn't so lucky though and my 5.1 slide cracked after a month. I have now upgraded it with lightweight metal slide weighing 66 grams, tight bore barrel and a metal threaded outer barrel so I can run my tracer unit on it as its my main weapon in cqb, its pin point accurate and any misses are down to me not the pistol. There is NO performance difference between the standard 5.1 and the gold match, I would personally advise saving some cash and getting the standard, the tm glocks are also very very good, a couple of guys in my club run them and absolutely LOVE them, im more a hi capa fan myself though You should also look at the umerex glock 17 if you like glocks, its officially licenced and also amazing quality that will last a long time, think they are a bit more pricey than the tm, well they are here in the uk, they have the benefit of having a metal slide also, I LOVE tm pistols but if I was going glock I would get the umerex myself Also I have a novritsch ssp1 on its way to me as we speak, I thought I would risk buying one as a back up pistol, hopefully I get a good one as I hear the qc is a bit crappy, I will let you know what its like when it arrives, a couple of people at my club have one and love it, they never had a problem with theres although problems do exsist with them you just have to keep your fingers crossed you get a decent one, It wont replace my tm hi capa for cqb but (hopefully) it will make a half decent back up pistol.
  11. Yes and I think you may need to learn to read a post before you comment with a funny type of passive aggressive post , I said "woodland games tend to be on a weekend, Saturday or sunday, also I know some sites do both Saturday and sunday as I have posted one in the reply lol Thanks for your words of kind wisdom though, you meet some great people through airsoft don't you 😂🤣🙄
  12. Ok maybe its not all sites but what I was trying to say is......lol...… most clubs have a week day evening game which is usually cqb and then there woodland games are usually on a sunday, some cqb sites may also be open on a sunday but quite a few sites do have a mid week game and a sunday game. At least ours does, so does ironsight,ground zero have sat and sunday games with a few Wednesday games, southcoast cqb has sunday and I think Thursday games. Should of said that most sites will have a weekday event as well as a weekend one, woodland games do tend to be on a Saturday or sunday though from what ive seen
  13. most woodland games are on sundays and most cqb games are on a week day in the evening like from around 7pm to 10pm, most clubs I have seen seem to stick to this formula anyway including my club
  14. DEFO 100% get some decent eye protection as the first thing you do, most rentals have a terrible habit of fogging up which can spoil your game a little, I would also get gloves second or at the same time, knuckle shots can be a little painful when playing close range cqb and can bleed. These are the first 2 things I bought when I joined my club and didn't regret it one little bit
  15. New slide came in the post this morning for my tm hi capa went for a gunsmith bros 66 gram slide, should look wicked with my silver metal barrel
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