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  1. When I went to Hong Kong. The airlines were fine. It was recomended to me to get two receipts for tax reasons. At Hong Kong Airport I got sent to an inspection office where they coded it as a war game item. I put it in my case and had no probs. A friend also recommends splitting it in 2 and putting it in 2 suitcases. He brought me back an A&K M60 for just under £200. Good luck.
  2. Hi I need a rare seal for a Ares DSR-1. I actually got a swift reply from Ares that they don't have them any more. I have tried various Ares retailers with no luck. I'm at a bit of a dead end at the mo. I'm not sure if you can 3D print rubber / nitrile. Any help appreciated. Seal AMP-G-008
  3. I have just stumbled across a S&T DSR-1. It's the air cocking type in tan. I didn't know they did it in tan and it comes with all sorts of barrel attachments and a quick release silencer. It's not cheap. I have the ares gas and love it but thus looks amazing in tan.
  4. Hi. I don't know what the VN"s are worth now but it's a definite keeper regardless of the offers. If its your first GBB this would be my pecking order. Based on first gun, cost, performance, parts availability, shits and giggles. 1) A huge shout out to the GHK G5 2) Fast mover on the field and the forums TM Mp7 3) NS2 changed a lot in GBB, everyone has to own a MP9 4) Any GHK AK variant All of these are sub £500 bundles, they will run well if looked after. The KWA MP9 mags were scarce for some years but now they are a plenty. I highly recommend the G5 on performance and cost, just watch for a cracked receiver left side just rear of the back pin. A simple epoxy fill will last for years. All my electric guns have an inch of dust on them
  5. Hi. I purchased one from zero one about 4 years ago with 3 spare mags. I knew the plastic nozzles were shite so I got an RA tech Ali nozzle from China the same week. Apparently at one point they were sending out 2 nozzles with them in the hope you wouldn't complain. My plastic nozzle broke in fantastic style after 3 mags. A few years later it's off the wall and running the RA tech nozzle. New out the box it feels solid but light. The front grip flexes and crackles on its joints as you test it. The gun feels great in your shoulder and overall 7 out of 10 for feel. The mags are a good weight and remind you not to spray and prey. The RA tech nozzle is fps adjustable with an awkward unique style torque/ allen key at a slight angle. On fitment mine hit 350 first shot 320's there after. There is a good you tube vid on fitting the RA tec nozzle and he says "keep the small inner fly valve spring for consistant fps". I did this and I'm pretty happy. Single is great. A really good kick that tests your cheap fillings. Full auto is only good for burst but it is still a massive amount of fun. Don't expect a full mag dump. I run 0.25g and love double tapping. With three spare mags you use your side arm when you are meant to. Hop isn't too bad considering you have to take the rear pin out crack it and use a fiddly little allen key in the piston guide area. If you get one, it's a keeper. Watch out for repro real steel stocks and grip bundles at about £150 in green brown or black. The originals were very brittle some don't bother looking. It's on the wall till next month, I'm happy.
  6. Hi. I have just picked up a gas Ares DSR-1. Info and parts are very scarce. Does anyone own / tune / tweak them. I saw a video saying they are AEG barrel and hop rubber. Has anyone tested other rubbers. Any info appreciated Cheers
  7. Try this qr code for a valve key from ali express. Less than £6 delivered. They are £18 ish ... In the UK
  8. Firstly simply take the plastic base plate off and tighten the Philips screw. They work loose. Failing that take the base out and reseat the seal with silicon grease
  9. Hi just found your October post.... all good... cheers....
  10. I have a couple of jing gongs. Much better than marui.. g36c and g36k. Not sure on their value. I went to gas 3 years ago and they were for winter use.... hence no use for 3 years. Lots of hi cap mags if required both run really nice, gears sound smoothe etc... £££ ???
  11. Hi cromulon. Yep I love a shottie. Not seen the t4e before,google isn't very specific. Looks like co2 paintball
  12. Hi. Sorry your request is well out of my league. When I was in HK there was a couple of shops that had amazing uniforms with excellent attention to detail. Sorry I can't remember the names. However, have you looked on Ali express there is all sorts of stuff. You may be able to find someone who advises manufacturers. Good luck
  13. Hi. Like many, this project was started a long time ago. If you are a lover of shotguns you know the H&S mad max shottie shells are terrible. After acquiring x10 madbul Co2 shells a friend lathed up an adapter to run through the gun. Post covid I have dusted it all off and only 2 madbul shells have a small leak. I haven't stripped them down yet but I'm sure the reset mechanism is going to end up pinging across the room. I have spotted a few madbul shell copies out there and purchased a Show Girls mini launcher with a shell mainly to test the shell. Side by side the two brands are pretty close only time and pressure will tell if the Show Girls is as reliable as the Madbul. The adapter works well and gives you a total capacity of x12 6mm bb's. My shottie barrels are 8mm and this will be my room clearing shell. The old adapters were one offs and took a lot of time. I'm looking in to 3D printing more shell adapters and will open the hole out to 8mm so you have a combi of x5 6mm in the shell and x5 8mm in the adapter. One problem with the original lathed adapters was getting tooling in to put a seal groove in the end for bb retaining. 3D printed I'm thinking you could easily offset the seal to create a bit of hop. I hope this gets you thinking and dusting off unfinished projects.
  14. The rear sight is loose. A small tab drops down inside the slide. Slide off. It's obvious when it's off. Very close tollerance
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