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  1. Did you try just tying 'West Sussex' into the box, because it's working for me.
  2. Never used the site before, it just popped up while I was googling. I just tried putting in my old UK address and it was happy with 'Wiltshire' in the province box, so I guess just put whatever is your equivilant.
  3. http://russtock.com/product?id=178
  4. Haven't heard amazing things about the structural integrity of APS guns either. Most of that critisism has been directed at the UAR though, so I can't rally spoeak for anything else they make.
  5. In the spirit of being 'that guy', can I submit people who don't move up for consideration? Put down your torches and pitchforks guys, theres a story to this: Specifically, this is one for the squad I was leading at a milsim last year. Out platoon was launching an assault agaist an enemy-held villiage, and we're more or less boxed out of the target zone. I could see that just plinking away the the enemy from the tree-line wasn't going to crack the villiage open, so I concocted a plan to assault the building nearest the tree line in order to provide a safe route for our forces into the villiage and hopefully crack it from there. All this I explained to my squad of 5, a carefully laid plan complete with diagrams of who would fire as they moved to suppress which windows as we advanced. We made ready, moved off with myself at the head and I got halfway across the field before being shot from several windows. Wondering what had happened, I turned around and found that they had all hit the dirt the moment the first BB had come their way and made it a total of about 10 metres, leaving me charging the rest of the way myself. Sometimes you just gotta move up, or at least don't leave you squad leader charging accross the field alone like an idiot
  6. You determine the range of a gun by firing it, and measuring the distance between where you fired the gun, and where the BB hit the dirt.... Beforehand, well, assume around 25-30m, that's pretty standard for just about all of them. They key take home message to remember is that fps=/=range.
  7. Mmm, so I've found. Gotten it to work for me, my loadbearing set-up is a weird frankenrig with a plate carrier that has a chest rig attached to the front, attached by elasticized clips from the back (the intent being to be be able to swap loadout just by changing the chest rig). I found that I can thread the co-axial up through the molle that holds the cord and attach the antenna just above it, it's pretty tight, so the hole is to small for the base to come out of, and the Emerson stops it from pulling any higher.
  8. People who jack your radio frequency. Following on from the 'airsoft is a game of honour' thing, nothing worse than people *coughcoughnewzealanderscough* taking advantage of the fact that we don't have military grade encryption on our radio's to channel surf and listen in on the other sides command frequency, or flood them with nuisance transmissions.
  9. Got the emerson a few days ago, arial just arrived. It's an inconsistant performer lets just say, In terms of pulling out the retention is pretty solid, pushing out it might as well not be there at all.
  10. Slightly old thread, but I figure one week give or takes not to bad a necropost if the OP is still interested. Can't speak for P90's but nothing bad about an AUG in and off itself, I suspect alot of people don't really use them becasue of the rail limitations. Haven't heard amazing things about the JG's, ASG's or CA's, I can only really speak for the TM myself, but I've had none of the problems that Samurai had. Crisp easy fire selection with the crossbar, no maintainance wories. Mags might be a touch hard to get nowdays but I still see them around from time to time, so should be doable. The only problem I ever had with it was the metal rod that holds the foregrip on snapping. Milsim wise you should be fine. The AUG is the service rifle for several countries, be odd to exclude it. Another interesting bonus with the TM that makes it well suited to CQB is that it's stock internals are really quiet. I often got questions about whether I'de filled my gun with foam or something becasue you could barely hear it. I hadn't, btw. So yeah, cant reccomend the others but cant reccomend the TM highly enough if you can find one (I think redwolf still has them).
  11. I spose the obvious question to start with is how much shotgunning you expect to do and what sort of shotgun your intending to use. The one shot G&P M870's shew through a lot less ammo than the TM, for example. And, of course, what sort of rig your intending to put it on and how much space you have available. The easiest option is just to shove shells into an accessory pouch, though it's far from sexy. If you don't mind taking up large quantities of your rig then you can go with the shell holding panels, or if space is a concern theres always something like a fold-out shell pouch: http://www.sordusa.com/12GA-x-12.html. It's the usual argument of security vs accessability. In my own case I'de prefer to go with a gun mounted shell rack in combination with the shell pouch to refill from that I linked above.
  12. ^This. We Aussies are looking very much at the prospect of airsoft being a limited to a very small selection of guns at the present time, how very dull it wil be. This is just my two cents on the matter, but even if every BB slinger is the same internally, I don't think I would have been happy with anything other than an AUG for my first gun.
  13. Since you like bullpups, maybe something like an ASG AUG A2? Only slightly more than your maximum around the 125 mark, and hasn't dropped off the quality shelf just yet.
  14. Problem with budget airoft is the quality shelf, thers a cut off point where guns get real crappy real fast, and it is unfortunately at that 100 mark or there abouts, and I dunno about you but I like being able to hit targets more than 10m away.
  15. My go-to solutions has been to use an ESS profile frame with a custom cut mesh, and the Rx insert that goes with them. Slightly expensive solution, but worthwhile if you play enough.
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