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  1. It's no worries. As I said, I'm always open to criticisms of my sales posts. Can't get it right every time Though I figure it's always better to start high(er) on value with the expectation people will ask if you'll lower it. I read about 10 pages back and it seems relatively light hearted in this thread so I've got a better grasp what it's for. Admittedly I'm new to this forum but I've been on Z1 since 2010, came over here on the basis that I needed a functioning non-ghost town forum to be able to sell things. How dare you make inflammatory statements about my glorious PKM. Though not going to lie, I've had it since 2013 when I shelled out £1000 building it brand new and I've never used it. It just looks awesome. I've tried selling it twice but I ended up conveniently forgetting to reply to people who want to buy it. In short, I'll probably still have it when I'm 80.
  2. Not at all. Your criticisms are entirely valid and I accept that. But you've oddly mistaken a rebuttal for something it just isn't. You're free to openly criticise my post in this thread, just as I'm allowed to reply to said criticism. I've taken what you've said (and Rogerborg) on board and reduced the price. So I do appreciate that. There's not much else to it, if you were expecting a hissy fit then I'm afraid we're at an impasse. Hopefully the next person will prove more entertaining?
  3. Fair play for your opinion, but I totally disagree with it. I had the "gall" to install the WE parts as a full TM build in the WE slide did not cycle. Further, the stress of a metal slide is likely to cause wear on many of the TM parts that simply weren't designed for it. I'd rather break the WE parts and still have spare TM parts to use. Especially considering PX4 parts are hard to come by, or you have companies charging crazy prices for small parts. The fact that the package includes the entirety of a TM pistol negates it "being 50% of a WE". If a buyer wishes to change the internals then they can do so. It contains a TM and a WE pistol. As for the price, a fully functioning pistol package with 7 mags, 6 TM, and almost a second pistol is "excessive"? Maybe you should post some of the shagged WE pistols with 2 mags being listed at their retail value instead 😂 Whatever floats your boat though mate, I'll still sell it with no problems
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    Tokyo Marui PX4


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    Due to switching to a different pistol on HPA, I am unfortunately no longer in need of my gas pistol. This PX4 shoots superbly and is perfect for a CQB loadout (as this is what I used it for). I bought the TM PX4 back in February, but due to a cracked slide I bought a WE PX4 and donated the parts over. I have religiously cleaned and lubed this pistol after every game (roughly 8 games since purchase in February). The WE parts have a rather sub-par finish and wear easily so please bear this in mind. Other than that, I have had no issues at all either from WE parts or any other upgrades. The performance more than makes up for bad coatings. Shoots around 290fps on Nuprol 3.0. I built the pistol myself, with over 10 years working on gas pistols I am entirely confident that everything is installed correctly. This package includes the fully built TM PX4 as well as the left over parts from the WE PX4. There are 7 mags total, 6 of which are TM and one WE. All gas tight and have been kept lubed. Clone IMI Serpa holster is included, which fits well and has a belt mount. I would like to make it clear that while an entire TM PX4 is included in this sale, the functioning pistol is not made purely of TM parts. This is how it is currently setup: Upper: WE Slide TM sights TM safety levers WE barrel WE rotating barrel mechanism WE recoil spring and guide (TM spring isn't strong enough) Guarder 6.02mm tightbore Guarder hop up rubber TM hop up chamber TM nozzle spring WE blowback unit WE nozzle Nineball Dyna Piston Lower is all TM, apart from trigger spring which is WE. I am not interested in trades as I need the money to upgrade my HPA pistol. Price is £175. Postage is included, which is Parcel Force 48. I am willing to deliver this myself to anyone within an hour's drive of Warrington. I will reduce the price if the buyer takes this option. Payment via PayPal only (paying for goods and services). Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.



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