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  1. I've actually hit fewer customs charges and taxes since leaving, though that may just be luck on my part. It should be noted that leaving the EU should have had no difference on packages from Hong Kong, but it's not always clear if things are as simple as we mere consumers assume they are. Can't speak for everyone else's experience, but Covid has been more of an impact than Brexit for me. Parcels being quarantined in customs for 2-4 weeks has been a bit of a pain, tbh.
  2. Yeah, just replaced all 5 o-rings and a perfect gas seal now. Used Lees Precision rings from their MWS kit and made sure to keep everything nicely oiled and not overtightened. I've circled the specific one that was missing on all my valves below, (though this is a photo of a different valve brand and not the exact same ones SAA use). If it's missing from your valve, but you can't see/hear it, it may be stuck on the threads the valve uses to screw into place. You might be able to unseat it using a toothpick or a small screwdriver if so.
  3. Hey folks, not sure if this has already come up in this thread (I searched and couldn't find anything, and apologies, but I couldn't bring myself to read through all 190 pages of posts) but a quick random one for anyone looking to buy (or having bought and regretted buying) the SAA/Ace 1 Arms PMags: Have you noticed yours are leaky AF? Mine were. Could barely rattle off 4 shots. So I bought the G&P 'stendos, which seem decent, but still not amazing. However, if you open up the SAA mags and take the release valves out, you'll not only notice that they're standard TM-spec 1911/MW
  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hey folks, Looking to slim down my collection a tad, so I'm hoping to offload 4 of my genuine Tokyo Marui MWS mags. They've been modified to have the zinc inner tube cut and have o-rings added to the fill valves to avoid wastage. These particular ones have been barely used. Skirmished literally twice, if I remember correctly. Looking for £35 each not including postage and PayPal fees. Might be willing to do a deal for anyone wanting to take all 4 off my hands. Located in Manchester if anyone wants to collect.


    Manchester - GB

  5. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Hey folks, got my 6 US Palm AK mags for sale. Skirmished twice, leak free and feed great. Still stiff to load and index into place as they haven't been broken in. Ideally looking to lose the whole lot as a job lot. Looking for £35 each including postage and fees, or would consider letting the lot go for £190.


    Manchester, Lancashire - GB

  6. Haha, I have done that before, and it ended about as badly as you'd expect... But no, it's not so much the sound that I'm interested in, so much as the economy. I lose a lot of gas in the filling process. And contrary to popular opinion, the MWS mags do not actually have a 'blow-off' valve to remove excess. It's a standard TM pistol magazine valve, seated inside a threaded brass 'collar'. My theory is that the TM valves don't have o-rings to prevent gas escaping during filling, and the Nineball ones seat so low that the nozzle from my gas tank isn't long enough to make a perfect se
  7. Hey folks, slight change of topic. Anyone found a surefire way to get silent filling? My valves didn't come with o-rings, and Nineball fill valves don't seem to help much (they seem to sit too low leaving a few mm of thread exposed). Is it just a case of buying a pack of o-rings and sticking them on the stock valves?
  8. Will do. The theory is good - have the BB sat a touch further back and raised up to the middle of the barrel to try and take some of the variance out of the 'starting position'. Be interesting to see how this works in practice. I was hoping to couple it with a Laylax/First Factory chamber too, but it looks like they're out of stock everywhere and I may have to wait until the next batch roll out of Japan. I'm not playing again until mid-April now, but I'll try and put some time aside to take it to a safe place to set hop and range it and report my findings.
  9. +1 for TNT. Contacted them as they don't do barrel lengths shorter than 320mm and they sent me out a 250mm S+ barrel same day.
  10. Is the Crazy Jet for MWS a specific model, or is it just the 'Crazy Jet for GBB' that's required? I got the impression the MWS barrels weren't quite VSR/GBB spec.
  11. Can't say I have. I'll pick one up and try that too. No harm in trying it as they're a reasonable price for a pack of 2. Good shout. I tried the Modify Tan and while the results were good, they weren't as good as the Maple Leaf setup I've got currently. But then again, at the rate I'm burning through this bucking, I'll be buying a new one every other game, so the rapidly decreasing weight of my wallet would eventually force me to shift to something else anyway.
  12. Haha, I had the same problem 'til I filed off the teeth of the stock hop arm. Currently, hitting about 310 on a .2, but like you, not settled on an 'ideal weight' yet. I ran .28s at a game on Sunday and had to dial the hop almost completely off, but I was comfortably hitting targets at about 50m so the accuracy was there. Unfortunately, it was an urban site with very few longer range areas, so I can't get an idea of maximum/effective range. Current hop unit is the stock one which has been modified so the hop arm has no 'teeth' and with the hop window enlarged to accept the Panthera
  13. I'd be interested to see if you see any real gains here, because my ultimate plan is to go down this road, but I'd like to see how it compares to my Maple Leaf and Panthera setup and if the fuss of R-hopping is worth the performance increase. As per the above, when the weather stops being a massive diva, I'll get some range and accuracy tests for science and we can compare notes.
  14. I did something similar, except I filed down a bit more to create a very long window, coupled it with a Maple Leaf Autobot and a Panthera VSR nub (which are stupidly long, probably about another 2mm longer than an I-Key). I was then overhopping .48s massively, even with 'no hop applied'. So I sanded down the arm too to take the little prongs off it and I'm now getting Guarder .3s flying in a nice straight path for a very respectable range. Not sure on max range yet as the site I played at today was urban, but I'm comfortably making 50m kills so I can at least vouch for
  15. Good shout. Ordered one too. With the dimensions being somewhat similar, will these fit GHK gas mags too?
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