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  1. LordRonin

    Gear Box Wont Close Due to Tappet Plate, Help!

    @johnnyj . @Iceni Thanks for the help, turns out the Tappet didnt have the grooves at the front, dremmeled it and now it works perfectly
  2. Hey so as you can see in the title my gearbox wont close due to the tappet plate, it wont stay in place when closing anyone have any tips or help? thank you
  3. LordRonin

    Gate Titan V2

    is Yours Rear Wired or Front?
  4. LordRonin

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    i read the wrong gears on Patrol base as i forgot which i bought, i got 18:1, im dumb lol
  5. LordRonin

    The 'What have you just bought' Thread

    Titan V2 Mosfet, 140 Spring, SHS High Torque Motor, SHS 14 Teeth Piston, New cylinder Head, 100:200 High Torque gears, other various upgrades DMR here i come
  6. LordRonin

    Gate Titan V2

    Mine did but i think it was the fuse, the Battery, fuse and motor got hot, thankfully ive ordered a new motor and the titan so any problems with the wiring or maybe motor should be fixed
  7. LordRonin

    Gate Titan V2

    Are the wires good enough to hold up against a High toque Motor and Gears with a 140 Spring(if I remember correctly) They aren’t going to get hot or anything? Edit : It’s a 140 Spring with a SHS High Torque Motor and big dragon 100:200 Gears
  8. LordRonin

    Gate Titan V2

    i know the site im going to said a DMR is any only semi gun but if i use the titan to have a 3 second trigger delay theyll class it as a sniper and allow it to be up to 500FPS Thanks though. Ive upgraded parts of my gearbox a few times though so this shouldnt be too hard hopefully
  9. LordRonin

    Gate Titan V2

    just want to know any important things about installing and using. Maybe the best settings for a DMR? Havnt used anything like it before so taking the best advice i can
  10. LordRonin

    Gate Titan V2

    So im thinking of Getting a Gate Titan V2 for my DMR build, tried using search to find yall's opinions on them. So does anyone have one in their gun? and if so whats it like?
  11. LordRonin

    Police and Crime Act 2017 - Airsoft Exemptions

    What i get from it is, That no matter what airsoft guns will still be RIFs as they are Imitating a firearm So even if they arent classed as Firearms they are still imitating one
  12. LordRonin

    UK Armed Police Loadout

    @Rogerborg Time for me to try source kit to look like Armed Police Officer
  13. LordRonin

    UK Armed Police Loadout

    So many legal things 😂 why do laws have have to exist!?
  14. LordRonin

    UK Armed Police Loadout

    This is perfect. Thank you
  15. LordRonin

    UK Armed Police Loadout

    If he could thatd be cool, Ive been wanting to build a kit around SAS but CTSFO might suit what i want aswell