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  1. https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/gate-titan-v2-ngrs-advanced-set Patrol Base also doing £40 off the Gate Titan Recoil Version for TM guns, it’s advanced edition so it’s well worth it. Patrol Base also have “May Madness” going on, tons of deals for random bits and a good few deals on RIFs
  2. Bought a good few parts from them, always good customer service and quick delivery.
  3. Yeah Get the Cable and USB Link so you can use your Laptop or Andriod, IOS support is coming very soon aswell
  4. I’m not too familiar with Gunfire or Taiwangun, why are they better?
  5. Is the Cyma M14 this one? https://www.patrolbase.co.uk/cyma-cm-032-m14-rifle?pv=2482 it looks good but the the all polymer part makes me abit meh
  6. Augs and M14s are v nice so far, been looking into them
  7. Augs and M14s are v nice so far, been looking into them
  8. Still here, just taking in everyone’s input 🤣
  9. so I have a M4 that’s been completely rebuilt, only original parts are the lower and upper receiver which are Cyma, has a new Nurpil Bacca rails on and a ASG sniper stock that can fit large batterys Gearbox is currently has a Advanced edition Titan in full metal teeth SHS piston 16:1 shs Gears SHS high torque motor shs tappet plate a 120 guarder spring new spring guide which I have forgot name of All been freshly lubed and put back together New Ultimte Hop-up madbull innerbarrel id include the USB link and android phone link cable for the Titan What would be be a ball park offer for this? I haven’t got any pics atm as I’m at work but I think I described the rifle decently
  10. ARX160 has always looked nice to me, might have to have a look
  11. Yeah support guns is one I’ve been looking at not going to lie, suppressive fire just seems fun. but also bullpups look nice, you got any specifics you can reccomend for my price range?
  12. So I have £250-£300 to spend on a new rifle (maybe abit more if it’s something nice) and I’m wanting something new, non of that M4 or AK stuff, I want something with good performance and decent range as I mainly play woodland What guns would you be able to recommend me? Preferably a AEG and no shotguns and Snipers.
  13. Has anyone had experience with Specna arms G36’s or M4’s? Or any of there guns? Havnt seen the the brand before and I’ve just seen them pop up on patrol base with some new RIFs that look very nice and seem to have good internals for a good price. Anyone have anything to say to say about them good or bad?
  14. @Major_Thor I have just recently bought the CYMA P90, out the box is was a resonably quiet gun that shot around 340FPS, Very good gun. i cant advise on the Cyber gun though. In terms of upgrading all i had to do was remove the back panel where the battery would sit and the gear box just comes out, Super easy to mod and easily my favourite gun at the moment# *EDIT* only problem i ran into was a feeding issue but a sector chip fixed that up real easy
  15. Thanks, I had a little issue with it not feeding but a sector chip fixed that. V6 gearboxes seem worse than V2s 🤣
  16. Yeah so small update, I removed one tooth off the end of the sector gear and now it works perfectly 😊
  17. @Asomodai yeah we have both ran into the same problem, nice guide man
  18. yeah, i put a new Piston, Piston head and spring guide in. and at the time i couldnt think for the life of me why it wouldnt work. but not looking back i can see the fault of having double ball bearings stopping you being able to cycle lmao
  19. I think this is the problem, I tried testing it this morning before work by turning the gears by hand with no Spring in, and the piston doesn’t go far enough to clear the sector gear. So I’m going to remove the ball bearings from the spring guide when I get home and that should fix it
  20. I don’t think so, the motor has colours on the top of the connectors so you know which wire goes where New fault yeah, pretty much seems like the gears will pull the piston back all the way then the piston isn’t releasing. It seems the gun isn’t doing a full cycle
  21. So I recently got a Cyma P90 and whenever I press the trigger I can feel the motor slightly move, but the gears won’t go anywhere. i took the gearbox out of the shell of the gun and tested it to see if I could see any problems, what seems to be happening is that the piston isn’t being released after it does a full rotation, any idea how I could fix this?
  22. LordRonin

    Apex Legends

    Love the game, Titanfall 1&2 being some of my favourite games, Apex is awesome, I played fortnite and its abit meh, same with PUBG but apex having all the same movment and guns as Titanfall is really cool for me. Just when i thought EA gave up on the Titanfall Franchise
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