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    TM SCAR L Recoil shock. G&G TR16 308. Well mb4410 upgraded to 500fps + more...lots of pistols
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    Favourite - SCAR assault load out with osprey chest rig and Armoury works Glock 17 Hex or High Capa
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    Besides Airsoft. Muay Thai, Motorbikes, Football, Snowboarding, Music, Guitars, Cars, Star Wars, Dogs

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  1. Anyone have a Fabarm/VFC STF 12 green gas shotgun or have any experience with them? Its a great looking shotgun, I picked up the springer version a while back for a bargain price and like the idea of the full metal version with folding stock and running on gas. They're pretty pricey though, wouldn't mind hearing from someone with first hand experience owning one first before dropping 400 quid on one.
  2. 1. How did you get into Airsoft? Gun and shooting enthusiast and target sports in general. Shooting people with repilcas of guns we cant own in this country seemed fun. 2.what would your callsign be? The Gruffalo 3. What would your primary and secondary gun be (optional third)? My SCAR and Glock 4. What Battle dress Uniform (BDU) and gear would you use? If I could, a colonial marine from Aliens 5. If you could use rubber melee weapons, what would it be? A Chewbacca squeaky toy 6. What’s your favourite and least favourite game mode? Best, boring answer perhaps, but a good old attack and defend. They are straight forward so everyone knows the score and what they are doing. And you've a pretty good idea of how well your doing. Can be made more fun by adding certain positions that must be taken in a particular order etc or simply by having a great area to play the game in such as a particular set of buildings or interesting terrain. Worst, any game thats so complicated it takes half an hour to explain and decsends into chaos because some people were not paying attention to the briefing anyhow. 7. What’s your best, funniest and worst memory of Airsoft? Best, absolutely nailing a breach and clear of a fort with just a little help from 2 former marines on our team. Funniest, watching two guys tied together for a game mode get fired at, run for cover and each going a different side of a small tree...straight out of a comic sketch Worst, getting caught in a hail storm mid game, hands freezing off and game going to shit because people couldnt tell a hit from all the hail. 8. What is your favourite patches (maximum 4)? Meh 9. If there was a gun you wanted or not yet built, what would it be? A smart gun from Aliens, or a Pulse Rifle that was actually skirmishable and with a working grenade launcher. 10. What do you see as a step forward, for the game, in the future?  Some kind of hit marker technology, but thats probably impossible. Realistically, probably the guns able to sling 6mm bbs accurately out to distances currently unseen. Imagine if airsoft guns starting getting out well beyond 100m...and with some accuracy too. Would change the game.
  3. Its crossed my mind 😁 Though it might feel like when you leave your dog at a kennel. My Scar watching all confused and sad as I drive off to a game day without it.
  4. Like how you put that. You dont just want them, you require them. I currently require a 416 TM recoil shock to sit along side my SCAR L so they can share mags, batteries and all manner of duties.
  5. Im in the fortunate position of having a decent sized collection of plastic slingers, and its ever growing. I very rarely use any of them beyond my Marui Scar recoil shock and a pistol as a side arm though. On the rare occasion I play with one of the others I always enjoy it, especially my shotguns, they always are great fun, it just rarely happens. My gear and loadout is all built specifically around my Scar, and its such a great plastic slinger I find it really hard to put down and run another gun for a game day...or even a round. Just wondering if anyone else has this rather fortunate predicament, and if so what do you do to mix things up with your collection as much as possible. Anyone else find it hard to put down their favourite gun for a day and run something a bit different for a change?
  6. I'll happily play in the rain, but like some people have already said, there comes a point where I draw a line. If its absolutely slinging it down and everyone looks like a drowned rat, standing water everywhere, and I'm more concerned about protecting my expensive electric toy gun than I am playing the game, it is no longer fun. Where it no longer becomes fun is clearly different for everyone, but its entirely down to the individual when they wish to call it a day. That said I don't see the harm in some light hearted banter if some players run for cover as soon as the rain starts falling. Something people haven't mentioned yet though is eye pro fogging up. Sunday just gone I played at Bawtry and was the worst conditions I've played in for fogging up. Combination of rain and humidity meant my usually reliable eye pro was fogging up along with everyone else's. We were all having to demist after every game, and given there were only 10 of us playing 5 on 5, they were short games. End of the day If someone is miserable, cold and wet, they don't wont to risk damaging their AEG and they cant play 2 minutes without their eye pro misting up they are perfectly within their rights to say bollocks to this, this aint fun today. They are not in the military getting paid to train and fight come rain or shine, it is their own time and their own gear/guns they are risking with water damage. If some people leave, adapt. By mid afternoon on Sunday there were only 4 of us left, though it wasn't the weather that had forced the other players to leave (family, gear issues and car sharing). We just played some really quick and fun 2 v 2 and every man for himself games instead, and no-one cried about it what so ever.
  7. It was upgraded by eagle 6. I'll take a look at the video and see how difficult it looks. Cant imagine too much will have to come off to get to the blowback unit cover to see whats up.
  8. Had it for almost a year and a half and it was upgraded last December so no chance of returning it. Its been used pretty heavily this year and this is the first issue I've had with it. Not a big problem, but just wondered if anyone else has experienced this and if there may me a simple solution or fix. Opened up some of my cheaper guns but Im not sure I want to start messing with my TM SCAR. I'll do a bit more digging.
  9. Far from a major issue, guns still shooting awesome, but yesterday the metal plate that's part of the blowback mechanism and also covers the hop up unit Stopped sliding back with the rest of the mechanism. Can still adjust the hop up from the magwell, but it would be nice to have it all working as intended again, makes things easier. Anyone else experienced this or have any knowledge on the TM NGRS? The plate still slides back if I use to flat head to force it, but stops earlier than it should and snaps back when released. My guess is its snapped or broken off from the rest of the mechanism, but there's no noise of any loose or broken parts rattling around inside nor was their any indication anything was wrong until I tried to adjust the hop and found it wasn't sliding back. Heres the part I mean for clarity, any help appreciated. https://eagle6.co.uk/shop/catalog/product/view/id/720/s/tokyo-marui-scar-l-blowback-unit-cover-for-scar-next-generation-recoil-shock-series/
  10. I really like the idea of a bit more light hearted fancy dress loadouts, think it could even make for great fun game days where the theme is far out costumes and loadouts. Imaging shouting at the ghost busters to flank scooby doo and pikachu. I fancy a post apocalyptic style loadout at some point too. Have an old long black leather trench coat and gas mask that would look great with an AK or something similar.
  11. If theirs a way of moving it to a different thread its escaping me. Guessing only admin can do that. Could copy and paste it, but never mind. Was just a quick review.
  12. Hardly the most exciting topic, but just thought I'd share my opinion on a pair of Helikon combat pants I've had a few months now https://www.military1st.co.uk/sp-utf-nr-34-helikon-utp-flex-trousers-multicam.html For the past few years I'd been running around in Viper pants with the built in knee pads. They did the job but I didnt like how stiff the built in pads made the whole knee area and I found the Velcro on the waist band could often rub on your stomach which could be uncomfortable. Anyway, I put a hole in the arse of them a few months back and after a little hesitation decided to see if a pair of combat pants could actually be worth 85 quid when a pair that will do basically the same job can be picked up at your local army surplus for under £20 . Whether they are worth it or not is really down to your disposable income, but I can say I am extremely happy with them. Really comfy and fabric feels decent quality and strong. Pockets are many and well thought out in their placement. They've also a decent about of flex in all the right places for when your scrambling over walls etc. Just generally really happy with them both in terms of comfort and performance. The comfort is especially nice on those long sweaty summer games. So yeah...great pants.
  13. Got this G & P scorpion torch and laser from firesupport and its pretty awesome. Really solid and well made, and the end loosens and swivels with the torch and laser to mount it exactly how you want anywhere on the rail. No strobe setting though and it wasn't cheap. Still, I'd reccomend it. Looks great, solid build quality and torch and laser more than bright enough.
  14. If it will actually work for more than 5 minutes now, this is my new DMR. Upgraded G&G TR16 308 MBR with a vortex spitfire 4x scope.
  15. Cerberus host games pretty often at Bawtry paintball which is a great site, only downside been that it shares it with paintballers. Also Camp Sparta in Lincolnshire isn't too far if your South Yorkshire based. What kit advise are you looking for exactly, because that's a big question and many have asked on threads more specific to certain bits of kit already. You looking for advise on guns, plate carriers, clothes?
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