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    Favourite - SCAR assault load out with osprey chest rig and Armoury works Glock 17 Hex or High Capa
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  1. So last year I picked up a G&G Tr16 MBR 308, Its one of their higher end models with their new mosfet and ETU. I've just got it back after having a shop put in a stronger spring, tight bore barrel and upgraded hop up unit to turn it into a DMR, took it to a game yesterday though and all it did was beep at me when I plugged a battery in. Tried my 7.4 and 11.1 lipos, all fully charged and all did the same thing. Now I trust the shop, theyre good guys, and said they tested it for FPS when they put the parts in. But it seems the mosfets now throwing a fit. The spring, barrel and hop shouldn't have effected the mosfet at all surely? From what I've read G&G mosfets are notoriously crap, even the new and "improved" ones. The beeping its giving is suppose to signify low voltage, my question is does anyone know any simple solutions or fixes for it or, failing that, can I just cut the mosfet out of the circuit. As I understand it the gun will still work just fine without it, just wont be programmable, but as its a DMR build its going to be locked to semi anyway so that doesnt bother me at all.
  2. Guns, all of them...for now Seemed like the place to post
  3. Really like the idea in theory, just implementing it in practise that could be tricky due to the issues already covered.
  4. Was a Tae Kwon Do black belt before switching to Muay Thai 7 years ago, Train regular and had a handful of fights. Love my motorbikes, have a Triumph Daytona 675 for the road and a trials bike too. Play guitar and have 3...bunch of other hobbies too, too many really. But Thai boxing, motorbikes and airsofting are where a lot of my free time goes.
  5. Visited Camp Sparta in Lincolnshire yesterday, here aa breakdown of my thoughts and review of the site if you will for anyone thinking of paying them a visit. Pros The site itself is awesome, a 31 acre complex on an old RAF barracks consisting of 15 buildings, with roads and large outside areas in between. This not only means you can play a variety of different games and really mix things up, but also that there is literally a role here for everyone and every type of player and gun from Snipers and DMRs right down to compact SMG and pistol users. The Marshals were really good, only had one instance all day of someone suspected of not calling hits but wasn't the marshals fault. Overall they kept a great eye on games and made sure they were running smoothly, helped by the majority of players playing fairly and honestly. Only one suspected not hit caller and another player who cracked a door open just enough to stick his pistol through and shoot after just been told in the briefing this was not allowed. But yeah, neither the marshals fault. You always get the odd dickhead who'll cheat or at least try to as soon as their back is turned. Facilities were really good, the car park had plenty space for everyone and was literally right next to the rooms used for equipment and gearing up. So, if like me you take a lot of crap (some say too much), it saved me making multiple 2-3 minute runs to and from the car. The gearing up area was large and had plenty tables and space for everyone, to need to jostle or get there early for a good spot, almost everyone could have had a large table to themselves if the wanted. I imagine it gets busier, but still, there was plenty more space still available and having room to spread your gear out on a table was welcome. The toilets were also proper indoor toilets, not as clean as 5* hotel, but a million times nicer than a porterloo for sure. The freedom to use the entire site was great. All but 2 of the buildings were in play and you could use them if you so wished. For me this been my first visit didnt lead to much, more than once I entered a building thinking I could cut through to the other side to flank the other team or get round them only to find dead ends a dark ( pitch black ) corridors. But I'm sure with greater knowledge and experience of the site you could really get to know your way around the site and all its buildings, most of which were of considerable size too, each one like entering a mini maze with many of the entrances and exits sealed off and entry only gained at certain points. Also, just making your way down a dark interior corridor with just a flashlight and laser on your gun for light felt awesome. My first experience playing indoors at all and I liked it. Cons The Morning briefing took far too long. They had some technical issues with their projector apparently, but even so, It took the piss a\ bit just how long it took things to get going in the morning. I arrived just after half 8 and it was almost 11 before the first game was under way. Now I hate been rushed, I like having time to arrive, get my kit sorted, gas up and load up etc, have a smoke and morning coffee etc. But almost having enough time to watch a Lord of the Rings movie between arriving and getting playing is a bit of a joke. People were just milling around for ages before they pulled us into the morning briefing, and the briefing itself was overly long. I get you always have to cater to the new players and rentals too, but theirs rule explanation and then theirs giving a 20+ minute power point presentation and it just felt way too excessive. Explaining the rules shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes, and then a few more minutes to go over anything specific to that site regards safety, safe zones, where not to go etc. After the briefing there was yet more milling around before we were finally assembled and given the first game There was a game played in the afternoon where there was a serious imbalance in the teams, caused by an avoidable situation. The teams in the morning were very balanced it seemed, but we started the afternoon playing a game attacking 2 buildings, and the other team clearly had more than a few people who had done this before and knew the drill. The drill, it became clear, was to stock up on grenades galore and camp at the top of the stairs in each building, making it nearly impossible to get any further than half way up the stairs. I seriously lost count of how many grenades they used, but it was a lot, and after half an hour we'd got absolutely no where, with every member of their team camped at the top of staircases, not a single player on the ground floor, just rolling grenade after grenade down on us between mag dumps any time any of us popped our head and shoulders round the corners with our guns up. Now, we could have made some headway if we'd had grenades of our own, several times we made a bit of a push and got into positions where we could have chucked a grenade to help take the top of the stair cases, the marshals eventually tried offering advise and were telling us to use grenades too, but none of our team had any, none. The other team had apparently bought several hundred over dinner time. All it would take is for them to give a heads up that in the afternoon, knowing how that particular game plays out, that it might be a good idea for atleast a few people on each team to grab some grenades. To their credit they saw how we were stuck in a none win scenario and stopped the game after half an hour or so, but it was just a frustrating game really, either make both teams aware of the situation or limit the use of grenades to a set number per team and also make them have players spread out a bit with some on the ground floor. So that the attacking team doesn't find 20 odd guns aimed at them at the top of each staircase. Other than those 2 little rants which perhaps made it sound like I didnt enjoy the day, I have to say I really did. The site itself and facilities were top draw and was well marshalled by and large. Just a shame it took so long to get going and that a heads up wasn't given for the first game of the afternoon. Overall though, a great site. I'll definitely go back at some point, just a shame its almost 90 minutes away. If it were closer to me I'd certainly familiarise myself with this site a lot more.
  6. I think all those things mentioned above (cheats, good games, team work, guns and kits working as it should etc) contribute to a good or bad day. But I also find a lot of what kind of a day you have depends on how your feeling. Some days your just not in the mood for certain things, and even though its an activity you may love doing, you can have days where a certain X factor for lack of a better description is missing. I love riding my motorbike, but I've been out on the odd occasion where the sun is shining, the roads are quiet, and I really should be having a blast, but I'm just not feeling it that day for whatever reason. Airsoft is exactly the same, sometimes I've woken up on a Sunday morning and I'm just really not feeling in the mood to go airsofting that day, but if I've booked and paid in advance I'll go (because Im a Yorkshire man and I aint losing my money), but predictably I wont enjoy the day as much even if everything about the day itself was spot on. And I've had days where plenty has gone wrong regards other players and kit etc but still had a fantastic day because I've been 100% up for it that day. The minds a strange thing, and whether intentionally or not I think sometimes people bring a really negative mindset to a game and will inevitably have a crap day. Likewise, you can have a day where plenty goes wrong, but if you came absolutely buzzing, you will probably leave still feeling awesome.
  7. Going to Camp Sparta in Gainsborough this Sunday. First time playing at this site, wondering if anyone has any experience with them, positive or negative.
  8. Like the sound of the downed pilot game a lot. Played a similar(ish) game at my local site once, but not as well planned or thought out as that. I understand exactly what you mean with regards the sniper hunt game you played, and I can totally see that happening. Its just one of the local sites I play at I think would be perfect for such a game, and with a bit of tweaking and trial and error could make for a pretty awesome game.
  9. Interested to hear what some of your favourite game scenarios are, what game have you played once or twice that you wish was done more or if any of you have a game scenario you've thought of that you would like to see played. Personally I've had an idea of a "sniper hunt" game for a while that I would like to see played out. The idea is pretty simple so long as you have the numbers of Snipers and DMRs present to play. Say for example you have 50 players on site and at least 7 or 8 snipers/DMRs (10 ideally), but you then send them off to get dug in somewhere and take up position. The remaining 4/5 (approx.) of players then divide into smaller 4 or 5 man teams and head out to hunt the snipers in a simple elimination game. The hunters can get medic twice, and the third time they are shot they are out. The snipers however are on a one hit and out rule. No idea if that would work, and Im sure the rules might need tweaking if it were trialled, but Id like to find out. Think it could make it interesting for the snipers as they could potentially shoot a player and wait to try and pick off anyone going to medic said player, or see if teams might have to try and eliminate the sniper in the area first without themselves getting shot before helping a downed team mate. Has anyone here already played a game scenario like this or something similar?
  10. Respectfully disagree Druid799. I think a unified system and set of rules or at least guidelines for various scenarios and gameplays could work. Take football as an example, a sport with very clear rules and instructions on how the game should be played. A bunch of kids in a park having a kick around, jumpers for goal posts, more players on one team than the other etc are still playing football, they've just had to adapt because they might not have access to a proper pitch with regulation goals and an even 11 players for each side. I don't see why airsoft would be any different. OK, their might be arguably more variables, but still you can have set of rules and scenarios to follow, or guidelines if you will, and common sense would surely mean people just apply any changes or variation themselves depending on the site they are playing on and whats available. Can adapt where you need whilst still following a universally agreed system and rule set.
  11. Just repeating what's already been said. People I've spoke to and played alongside have had no issues regards range outdoor with the standard short barrel Krytac Vector, so simple solution is get the short barrel and stick a tracer on for CQB indoor. Only other option you have is what you've already said, another gun for your indoor play. If you've the money to spare then by all means, more guns = more options and variety if you can afford them. But you already said you think that's a bit extravagant. Guessing you either have a pretty large airsoft collection or you've a girlfiend/wife/boyfriend/husband/partner/other who considers getting another gun "extravagant"
  12. Interested, sure. But I think what game mechanics people want to use and what works best for each game type is pretty different. Some games work best with the most simple hit = death, go back to respawn and straight back in. Other games you might be on limited lives to the first few hits you get a medic then the 3rd hit your out. On another thread the other day someone suggested using bandages/white arm bands for when your playing the medic rule in a game and I think this personally is a fantastic idea. You could really get creative and make some interesting games and game play based around that idea. Each member of a team could be given 2 or 3 medic bands so your limited to how many team mates you can revive. Or you could just give a load of arm bands to designated medics or each team and only they have revive team mates. Could make for really interesting games where your trying to carry out objectives whilst also protecting your medics as best you can etc. Can also instantly tell how many times someone has been medic'd and makes it harder to cheat. If your playing a 2 medic then third hit your out rule, and you shoot someone with a medic arm band on already then you know that persons down to their last life so to speak, or shoot someone with 2 on already then theyre out.
  13. Somehow resisting the urge to quote more Star Wars, I'll back up what Tommikka said instead. One of the best ways to keep things fresh and exciting is absolutely to always mix up your game play. As we all know one you've been playing a few years you inevitably start to build a small arsenal of airsoft guns. And whilst many of us have our favourites, our go to, default set up if you will. Its good to change it up and challenge yourself by going akimbo with 2 pistols for a game or running around with a £80 springer shotgun. Sure its a challenge and you wont get nearly as many kills as you might playing with your best toys, but you find you have as much if not more fun. So yeah, don't just buy guns for the sake of it, build your collection and use them. Played with your DMR last time, next game try running your shotgun and a pistol, certainly keeps it interesting.
  14. I'm sure you'll love it Sean84. Just something to bear in mind. Airsoft like almost anything else has a learning curve, and like most things you'll tend to enjoy it more the better and more comfortable you become in it. So don't get disheartened if your first few times don't quite live up to the hype. Also, no two days will ever be the same. You can go to the same site and play the exact same games with the same people as last time and have two very different experiences. Days where you'll hardly get shot and other days when it'll feel like your a walking target...its all good fun though
  15. Any recommendations? Looking at G&G GLT1, but hard to find any reviews for it.
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