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  1. I know, but I usually like to zero my optics as accurately as possible then just make the allowances for windage myself. So in perfect conditions my shots are hitting on or very close to where my crosshair is and depending on conditions and flight of bbs on the day just shoot slightly left or right of targets.
  2. Just wondering what many of you do and where you go to sight in your scopes? Some of you will obviously have the room to do it on private land but those that dont do you do it in a rush when you go play at a field before the games start? Im lucky enough to be self employed and have a garage just shy of 30m long which is fine for setting up a range and sighting in a red dot or optic on an assault rifle or smg or pistol etc. However, I've just had my sniper upgraded and need a range at least twice as long to sight it in. Do some of you know of places/ranges you can take your airsoft guns to for sighting in optics or testing them if ever your tinkering or upgrading yourself? Or do those of you without anywhere to really do it simply do it on game day at a field? Asking out of curiosity but also if anyone did know anywhere in the Leeds/Bradford area that would be helpful.
  3. For a sniper or DMR I'd be using at least .32 or higher. Depends how it performs I guess. I'll have a look on the fb group too thanks
  4. So Ive just recently got myself a new G&G TR16 MBR 308SR (Stupid long name but what you gonna do) as a project DMR build. Think they've been out about a year by now but not much info on them even though I thought the 2 308 models (the SR and WH) would be popular for DMR conversions. Just curious if anyones any experience with the G&G gen2 gearbox, would the gearbox need touching at all (from what I hear they're pretty robust) or could a simple DMR conversion be achieved with a stronger spring, better hop up and a tighbore...and locking it to semi obviously? Any input appreciated.
  5. Absolutely, thats why I haven't reported it before. Also I just dont want to be the guy bitching about cheaters as my general attitude is just shrug and get on with it, here to have a good time not a good moan. Just the instances lately have been blatant and annoyed me a bit. Cant really be arsed running round with a camera too so thats why I asked if it was even worthwhile first.
  6. Not even if they are regular players at that site, shown and proven to be cheating on film. Dont understand how that wouldnt help as the marshals would be aware then, keep an extra keen eye on them and they could be taken aside for a quiet word and reminder that they've been caught cheating and if it continues they'll be banned before the next game there. I get what people are saying, its best just to raise the issue there and then with Marshals, I just hate complaining, and without proof its ultimately there word against yours. Just thought a camera would help and eliminate any doubt, not just of shots hitting, but players being hit, knowing they've been hit and still not calling it.
  7. Appreciate the responses. Just to clarify, I obviously can't always be sure shots are hitting, especially not beyond 30m. I'm well aware of the very limited effective range of even a top end Airsoft gun, and any shots Im not sure about I'll always give people the benefit of the doubt. In the incident I referred to and similar ones recently though I'm talking about 10-20m max ranges where I have seen my shots hit, seen them re-adjust behind cover because they know they can be shot (because I just shot them) where they are/were. Im certainly not shooting at people half the field away and then complaining about cheats. I don't even bother trying to shoot people beyond what I know to be the effective range of my gun. Anyway, was just wandering about the cameras idea really, but the genral consensus seems to be just take it up with the field marshals. I just don't like making a fuss and I know that not hearing or feeling a shot is easily done sometimes, just a thought to help highlight to blatant cheating.
  8. First off let me just apologise for brining up cheating, I know its something that has been and continues to be discussed seemingly endlessly in airsoft. That said Im just interested in getting some opinions on cameras before going out and spending any money on one, as Im thinking of getting a rifle mounted camera mainly to highlight and help combat some players not calling hits. Recently a team has started playing at my local field, mostly decent guys, but a few who Im pretty sure suck at calling hits. In a game I played just this last weekend I must have shot one of them 15 times or more before he called it. I know you don't always feel the shots, especially whilst making a dash etc, but this was blatant. Anyway, before I get too of track Im just wandering if anyone who plays with cameras find that it helps prevent cheats at all, either at the time because they know they might be been filmed, or later on when footage can be reviewed and shown to the field staff etc. I'd also just be curious myself to watch footage back myself first and maybe see if I really am hitting people and they're cheating or if its me that's missing before I raise an issue. Ive not said anything yet, I don't want to make a fuss and at the end of the day its just a game, I don't take it super serious, but it was getting really frustrating at times, especially when someone your certain you've just shot a bunch of times then shoots you and you call the hit immediately. So, does anyone find that using a camera can help stop cheating at all? and If so, any recommendations for a good rifle mounted camera would be appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the responses, the shops taken it back and getting it sorted, under warranty of course. Hopefully be a pretty sweet gun when I get it back again.
  10. Hi, new to the forum and just looking for some tech help. I've just got a brand new G&G TR16 MBR 308 SR, its meant to be a pretty sweet gun but out the box it isn't shooting too great. Ive only had chance to fire it the last few days to try and sight my optic on it, but both days I've tried the first 4 or 5 shots have been really weak, barely firing 15 meters before dropping to the floor. After those initial shots it picks up range but still suffers from some wild shots going way off to the right and cant get any sort of decent level of consistency for what is meant to be a pretty awesome gun out the box. Any input as to what the issue or issues may be would be appreciated. I know there is a breaking in period for a number of different components but every other gun ive had has shot much better than this straight away. Any reccomended steps I can take besides a barrel cleaning before I try taking it back?
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