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    TM SCAR L Recoil shock. G&G TR16 308. Well mb4410 upgraded to 500fps + more...lots of pistols
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    Favourite - SCAR assault load out with osprey chest rig and Armoury works Glock 17 Hex or High Capa
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    Besides Airsoft. Muay Thai, Motorbikes, Football, Snowboarding, Music, Guitars, Cars, Star Wars, Dogs

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  1. I really like the idea of a bit more light hearted fancy dress loadouts, think it could even make for great fun game days where the theme is far out costumes and loadouts. Imaging shouting at the ghost busters to flank scooby doo and pikachu. I fancy a post apocalyptic style loadout at some point too. Have an old long black leather trench coat and gas mask that would look great with an AK or something similar.
  2. If theirs a way of moving it to a different thread its escaping me. Guessing only admin can do that. Could copy and paste it, but never mind. Was just a quick review.
  3. Hardly the most exciting topic, but just thought I'd share my opinion on a pair of Helikon combat pants I've had a few months now https://www.military1st.co.uk/sp-utf-nr-34-helikon-utp-flex-trousers-multicam.html For the past few years I'd been running around in Viper pants with the built in knee pads. They did the job but I didnt like how stiff the built in pads made the whole knee area and I found the Velcro on the waist band could often rub on your stomach which could be uncomfortable. Anyway, I put a hole in the arse of them a few months back and after a little hesitation decided to see if a pair of combat pants could actually be worth 85 quid when a pair that will do basically the same job can be picked up at your local army surplus for under £20 . Whether they are worth it or not is really down to your disposable income, but I can say I am extremely happy with them. Really comfy and fabric feels decent quality and strong. Pockets are many and well thought out in their placement. They've also a decent about of flex in all the right places for when your scrambling over walls etc. Just generally really happy with them both in terms of comfort and performance. The comfort is especially nice on those long sweaty summer games. So yeah...great pants.
  4. Got this G & P scorpion torch and laser from firesupport and its pretty awesome. Really solid and well made, and the end loosens and swivels with the torch and laser to mount it exactly how you want anywhere on the rail. No strobe setting though and it wasn't cheap. Still, I'd reccomend it. Looks great, solid build quality and torch and laser more than bright enough.
  5. If it will actually work for more than 5 minutes now, this is my new DMR. Upgraded G&G TR16 308 MBR with a vortex spitfire 4x scope.
  6. Cerberus host games pretty often at Bawtry paintball which is a great site, only downside been that it shares it with paintballers. Also Camp Sparta in Lincolnshire isn't too far if your South Yorkshire based. What kit advise are you looking for exactly, because that's a big question and many have asked on threads more specific to certain bits of kit already. You looking for advise on guns, plate carriers, clothes?
  7. Yep, really is just a roll of the dice sometimes if you get a decent gun or not. It shouldnt be that way, and if you do get a lemon the retailer or manufacturer should sort it. But the QC in airsoft for many manufacturers is sadly pretty poor. An example of this is a cheap plastic tri shot shotgun I picked up last year in a black friday deal for 35 quid thats shoots just as well as any other shotgun ive come across, including a mates 350 quid metal, shell ejecting all singing all dancing shotgun. Whilst a G&G TR16 MBR 308 I dropped over £300 on and has rave reviews has given me nothing but problems since owning it.
  8. Haha don't worry, that was part of a game where an area had to be secured and an "Injured" pilot extracted. No actual injuries from the other week.
  9. The Sandpit in Bradford run by Cerberus is brilliant for snipers. Over 80 acres in an active quarry site, much of it open ground, its definitely a site for the rangier airsoft guns to shine. Sadly though they can only have a handful of games here each year and they just had the last one of 2019 a few weeks ago. Next one will be around April next year now. Worth keeping in mind though. Few pics to give you an idea of the site, the wooded/grassy areas on the hillside is all part of the playable area too
  10. Just had a Leviathan V2 mosfet put in my G&G TR16 MBR 308 and last night whilst trying to zero a new optic I ran into issues. Gun fired off 8 shots then just stopped working. After checking the fuse and wires in the stock and buffer tube I checked the motor and found the live had come off. I reconnected it and put everything back together, but when I pull the trigger now the mosfet just gives two loud beeps. Is the Motor and/or gearbox locked up in the middle of a cycle or does anyone know if this is a fault on the mosfet itself? Struggling to find anything helpful on google regards what the beeps signify.
  11. Luke85

    Patrol Base

    Does this other Luke do any tech teaching videos? I'd love to learn how to work on my own guns. As I mentioned I'm a mechanic and technically minded, have the tools for any job. However, when I was 14 I tried fixing a .177 CO2 air pistol myself and once in bits I realised I was in way over my head at the time and absolutely could not repair it or reassemble it. The thing was way more complicated and full of tiny moving parts than I had anticipated and it really put me off messing with any kind of airgun for a long time. But I'd love to learn how to at least do more basic airsoft maintenance and repairs myself.
  12. No animal has ever, or will ever be harmed by myself, crossbow or not. Please share hunter511
  13. I have it on good intel that bolts will go clean through the neighbours cat too 😏
  14. So, I've just bought myself a crossbow and need a target that will successfully stop the bolts. I use to do a bit of archery years ago and still have an old straw target, but from what I gather the bolts will go clean through it without much difficulty at all. Anyone any information on foam targets, how good they are and how dense they'll need to be to stop a crossbow bolt. The bags you put clothes and rags in etc look a bit shit imo, I'd prefer a proper stand up target.
  15. Luke85

    Patrol Base

    I completely agree, the faulty gun in the first place isn't really their fault. To bullshit a customer how they did though and not notice or resolve issues such as the barrel is totally unacceptable. Can't actually believe a gun was sold with a barrel in that state. Makes you wonder how many other customers are getting the same sort of treatment.
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