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  1. Does anybody have a list of airsoft sites that exist either UK or abroad? I've seen one but it seems massively outdated 😔
  2. Mrs goint mental! Gonna end up planting me 😂 Thank you 😊
  3. Oh i dont mind this. Ill be making a summer one next year too 😂 Thank you for the comments 😊
  4. Haha thank you. First time ever doing something like this. Just winging it.
  5. Shoulda said no and asked them to sit with you if there was an issue. There was no grounds for even suspicion. Its not even a crime or reasonable doubt to even be going there.
  6. Ill be using both.... Will be. Just building a solid base first.
  7. Will do. Ordered a load more fake leaves and some fern etc just to start bushing it out now.
  8. Need to darken it up and work on eye area bit more.
  9. Its a hood on the jacket yeah. Ive camo'd a cap and i also have a mesh face hood im about to start on
  10. I dont have any photos of site apart from their fb but yes your typical woodland bush. Its a mesh fabric suit anyway so its quite airy... will look at the burlap.
  11. So ive started making my ghillie suit. Based on the MHF leaf suit. Any critique, suggestions etc would really help.
  12. Could always eventually camo it up?
  13. I didnt think so. Was just double checking Thanks.
  14. Random question. I did google and youtube but couldn't find. How do i remove lenses, i.e. smoke, yellow, clear.. i can remove the back part of them the foam, but dont see a way to remove lenses without breaking them. Any idea?
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