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  1. Anyone used them lately? Ordered 1 mag a week ago, still waiting. The tracking number with Royal Mail doesn't work. I messaged and they sent me to a FB post on how swamped they are and bare with them...
  2. Ill take a look. Im heavily looking at the vfc avalon atm. Why didnt it fit your play style?
  3. Thanks for the photo 🙂
  4. Hi all Looking for opinions on best aeg in the above range please. Looking to do no upgrading just wanting out the box goodness... Scorpion evo Vfc Avalon Other Recommendations please
  5. Have you found a holster for the HK45? Sorry for the abundance of questions 🙂. Trying to find a retention holster
  6. What mag holsters are on your shoulder strap? 🙂
  7. Fair play running with a keyboard. Cyber hacking on the go 😂😂
  8. What gas do you run with your hk45?
  9. Thanks! I was torn between 5.1 or a glock but I'll take a look at the hk45!
  10. Only just seen it's an option really. Prefer amomax/roto style holsters personally and seen they offer that in shoulder strap.
  11. Thanks for that! How you finding both of those guns? I'm looking for a second secondary 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️ torn between hi-capa 5.1 or something different.
  12. Where did you get 4 pistol mag pouch? I'm looking for a decent one. Working on new rig, just a belt drop holster on left. MK23 on right off belt. Pistol mag holders and dump pouch and admin pouch towards bag that has speed loaders etc. Running with sniper rifle. Feel it's way more easy and convenient and overall "less" to contend with. The shoulder rig option is interesting...
  13. Anyone run with just a belt and attachments or a chest rig too?
  14. The way parcel tracking works is that when they create an order with PF for example to pick up a parcel. They're given a tracking number. When the parcel is collected and scanned that parcel tracking ID then becomes "live" and usually shows up after 12am that on tracking sites. If it's never collected then they'll provide you with tracking but the tracking company will have no record.
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