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    2. Tariq


      TBH the internals arn't that important for AIPSC, although it does have a short stroke buffer. All the custom CNC stuff is where the real price hits home though.

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      But, I doubt a person can react fast enough to actually aim and fire a gun faster than a standard airsoft pistol would already allow.

      I can understand making it more accurate, maybe also altering the ergo to make it easier to point at things.


      But aside from that, every upgrade you can add is just going to offer a placebo effect, at best. I'd have thought, anyway.

    4. Tariq


      Should give it a go ed. I was cutting my time to nearly 10 seconds on a course we were running. Guy with a custom £900 did manage to go to 6 seconds, although he did have a fair bit of experience. (courses change each time though so you only get the hour or so to learn it)

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