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  1. 20,000 words to write by the 17th... First deadline on the 7th... Buying the entire Mass Effect trilogy now was blatantly a retarded idea.

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    2. Airsoft-Ed


      Big Sunday is always the 3rd week of any month on the Sunday, so it'll be the first Sunday after the 20th.

      For UKARA to be sorted they post it off to Action Hobbies for you, then they add it to the system. It only takes a few days at worst, so it's not a long wait.

    3. Master Sniper MJ

      Master Sniper MJ

      cool :) well thats the date i shall try and book to go to then, can i get site membership on the day ? and hows the uni work going ?

    4. Airsoft-Ed


      Lol I've still not started it =/ waiting for the library to open up again and then I'm just going to stay there until I've finished everything.

      Well, not everything. But at least not take a break until one entire assignment has bitten the dust.


      As for membership, you can pay for it any time you're there, so going on a free day and paying to sign up instead of the usual playing fee is the cheapest way to get it sorted. They might give you it for free anyway be...

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