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    WE L85A2
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    Contemporary British Army,
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    Skirmish Airsoft, Mansfield
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    Airsoft, Gaming, Heavy metal, guns in general. Also, anything that gets you thinking - Love QI, comedians like Tim Minchin, Bill Bailey, sitcoms like Black Books, Coupling, Spaced.
    You get the idea.

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  1. If I wrote a blog. Would anyone read it?

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    2. Airsoft-Ed


      It'd be a bit of everything really. Mostly about my day to day observations. I tend to aim for laughter with most of the things I say or post around the place, apart from on here and YouTube, most of the time anyway.

      But if I did a blog it'd be day to day stuff, funny things I notice, discussions with myself about whatever comes to mind when I'm bored and I imagine a large chunk would be airsoft related, since airsoft is more or less becoming my entire life.

    3. Grounded_Pilot


      Well I was captivated enough to read that wall of text so... go for it!!


      I would do similar, but most of it would be filled with silly ideas, inventions and a well updated "Celebrity Drop-Dead List".

    4. TeddyBhoy


      Yeah I'd read it Ed, I always find your posts interesting/helpful :)

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