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  1. Finally got everything I actually ordered. Camelbak had been delivered to next door, the postman hadn't let me know with a note and they forgot they had it because they were relying on me coming to them off the back of the note I didn't have...

    1. Grounded_Pilot



      "Forgot they had it"... Sounds like schnit to me :P

    2. Airsoft-Ed


      Lol I don't think they cared, they'd definitely not opened it.

      I'm pretty sure they were betting on my coming to them for it once I saw the note through the door that the postman is "supposed" to leave, but didn't on this occasion.

      I was trying to get in touch with the Royal Mail and everything to figure out what'd happened to it. Turned into a right bloody fiasco.

    3. Tariq


      Times like that I'm grateful i live next to my postman :P