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  1. Lunch break at work is 2.5 hours long... So bored...

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    2. Grounded_Pilot


      ^That's because you're paying for your airsoft addiction :P

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      It's 'cos the day is split into a morning and an afternoon set of jobs.

      Morning ends at 12 and afternoon starts at 14:30. No one's meant to have to do both shifts in the same day but I I've no choice because I've only got Thursday free to fill my 15 hour weekly quota :(


      Pulled the short straw basically lol.

    4. iAcorn


      Ouch, unlucky mate! I didnt have a job for my second and third year of uni. Working just didnt give me enough time to study and do all the practical work I needed to. But then again I didnt have airsoft as a hobby!