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    WE L85A2
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    Contemporary British Army,
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    Airsoft, Gaming, Heavy metal, guns in general. Also, anything that gets you thinking - Love QI, comedians like Tim Minchin, Bill Bailey, sitcoms like Black Books, Coupling, Spaced.
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  1. Got to play around with a WE MSK for a game today, absolutely bossed it, got some of the best kills I've had in ages with it. However, my cameras both decided to be cock ends, so I don't really have anything to show for it. Pissed off has been redefined by my mood right now.

    1. GiantKiwi


      What's the gas efficiency like? Always find WE to be a bit meh, however I really want one of those..

    2. Airsoft-Ed


      It was good enough to get by on, it was firing shots and they were hitting people, I was really impressed with the shot to shot consistency and the accuracy, it hadn't been lubed in ages either apparently and I could tell because the bolt was sticking and being very sluggish.


      But it was getting through full mags and locking on the last shot, if it had been lubed properly and the hop had been set I don't think it'd be possible to have more fun with an airsoft gun, becau...

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      because I've not had that much fun in weeks despite the hop being miles off and the lack of lubrication. I imagine the whole thing would've run flawlessly if it'd been properly kept.


      I was using my own mags in it, which had been performing abysmally in my L85, so it certainly functions better than that does.

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