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  1. Just written my first blog post for UK Airsoft. Anyone want to read it ahead of it being added to their website? It could do with being proof read by someone who isn't me, if nothing else... Yay o' nay?

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    2. Basil Henriques

      Basil Henriques

      Typo's are:-

      <I’d advise you not to get a gas rifle as yourfirst gun though>= your first ..

      <A USNavy Seal maybe>= A US Navy Seal..


      Also consider revising the phrase <"I was a month 18 when I discovered airsoft">= maybe < a month over 18 > ?

    3. Airsoft-Ed


      I wrote it in Word and then pasted it over to Facebook, where the lines ended on Word and dropped to a new line, they didn't start a new line on Facebook, which for some reason means it had to not leave a space... I added a ton of spaces back in but must've missed some.

      As for the phrase, I think it's clear enough what I mean.

    4. Basil Henriques

      Basil Henriques

      As for the phrase, you are the writer, as the reader I see Ellipsis !


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