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  1. Has anyone ever had a flight lesson? It's £90 for only 30 minutes, is that worth the experience? =/

    1. Tariq


      Pilot lessons are always expensive. That price doesn't sound that unreasonable. Although first lessons would be pretty low value for money as I'd assume it would just be going over the controls and dos and do nots

    2. Airsoft-Ed


      I was trying to find something for my dad's 50th.


      Managed to find a place in Sheffield that does 20 minute Microlight flights for £45, which I think sounds pretty decent. So I've got him a ticket for that. Might actually get myself one tbh, I bet it's pretty epic if you go on a nice day.


      Says you get to fly it through the Peaks, by Derwent Reservoir and stuff.

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