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  1. Pair of Somalis just said "Chop chop" to me whilst I was coming back from a skirmish with my kit on. Debating whether or not I ought to have curb stomped them both on the spot whilst saying "Bang bang" as I splattered their heads...

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    2. Dan_W


      You have no idea how many things like that are said to people here in N.I. You just don't walk about in public with any sort of DPM or multicam/MTP in certain areas.

    3. Dan_W


      The whole main street of the town I work in was shut down the other day because some wanker thought it would be funny to plant a hoax bomb.

    4. TacMaster


      Mate of mine in the London ACF was advised not to wear kit to/from their detachment, we've not had that out in hants tho

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