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  1. This was before I took apart the gun (the reason why I took it apart in the first place haha) Here is my hop up
  2. Ah thats fair enough, I will try to get mine working so I will post pictures later, thank you everyone for helping though
  3. I've striped it down before and it is such a pain, have you fixed yours?
  4. None of this seems right to me either
  5. Is it facing upwards? I have not used the gun since after changing the inner barrel. When I sent you what happened to the Hop-Up, that was before anything had happened to me taking apart the gun and I do admit that lining up the upper receiver was a pain as where the hop lies was where there was a gap without screwing it down. I'm thinking of re-opening my gun in a minute and I might send a picture of it
  6. Thing is I have opened it and I have changed the inner barrel to a much longer one and since then I have not fired it. I didnt see what was wrong straight off and what do you think I should do about it?
  7. Right so since I got this replica from Gunfire, it says it shoots 340fps, It didnt it shot like 200 fps and without hop it shot to about 8 meters then drops straight to the ground, with the hop on, less than that, 5 meters and straight to the ground. I did the spring setting at the back and got 300fps and got my hop to work to 20 meters without dropping. However every third shot, the bb flies straight to the floor and its so unreliable and unstable. Since this is from Poland, there is no point in sending it back and as I said before I am a 16 year old who is new to teching. I would have teched out my Nuprol Pioneer Defender but haha Nuprol lol so no and yeah I got the MP5 since it was £80 new from Gunfire
  8. So how do we over come this? Buy an ICS hop or what? There must be someone who makes an upgraded one, I mean I cant find any but they make upgrades for the P90 and the MP5 has so many variants and yeah. Is it the same as a G36 hop?
  9. Hello, So I got a JG MP5 SD6 and when I got it, it's hop up was completely non usable and I am asking if I could just go out and buy any old M4 hop and will it fit into this gun? I want to tech it out as since it doesnt perform to how it was tested, I am going to use it as a project gun even though its a pain to take apart, I hope I will get the first hand experience on teching. Yeah I am a 16 year old noob at this haha but better learn when you're young am I right? Thank you, ieuan
  10. So what would you recommend?
  11. I'm thinking of a WE Glock 34, would that be good?
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