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  1. ieuanam


    Where are the spare magazines bought from?
  2. The KTW, is it a springer? I want a spring version and where'd you get it from
  3. Most guns can shoot accurately after getting the mechanics working properly, getting it working is the only issue
  4. What colour are you looking for, I'm 6ft 1 and I use a Bulldog Kinetic carrier, yes it's a bit on the expensive side but for me it's worth it and fits perfectly, I use it in a M size but if you look on the carriers. For any carrier, Dutch the Hooligan is 6ft something, I think the same as you and he is using a carrier which has its front plate with 8 molle points wide which is going to be the bigger size. Can you provide links to the ones you are currently looking at please
  5. I meant by limited as in with the the tutorials and upgrades being harder to find, I'll look at them now Snow wolf, I'd go with the snow wolf as the better option, I mean I can't see the JG one since this theme park WiFi doesn't let me on Taiwan gun but my overall opinion is to go snow wolf as a bit more options available and a better quality control system I believe
  6. I mean at least it was better than my JG MP5 which at stock just jammed almost every shot and even having hop on, it had no hop so a full rebuild I did and just needs it's barrel to be cleaned and it's new hop should kick in, at the moment it was either too much hop or too little hop
  7. An AUG is going to be fun for you since it's limited, I picked myself up a UMP from the States and travelling back home soon. I've had my eyes on the Army Armament Raptor AUG, expensive and probably not going to be good but the design looks amazing and I'd just upgrade it if it was like the JG MP5 I had. My suggestion is to go for the Snow Wolf, I believe they have much better quality control. Send me some links here to the ones you are looking to get
  8. Fixed it, it needs a new bucking and nub and needs to be Teflon taped for better airseal, clean the barrel and boom, works
  9. @EDcase @sjhirst this is what's happening, does this happen with yours SJ?
  10. Here is me firing it to show you what is actually happening Composite_Shot_1.mp4
  11. I mean, it was doing it since I got it stock, maybe the hop unit is placed too far back on this batch?
  12. I only have the original high cap that comes with it When I get the chance, I will open the gun yet again and send a picture of the alignment. I mean, with the hop, if you select any setting apart from 1 setting to the back, you will get jams, which I dont know why. The gun just jams
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