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  1. Many thanks for a great day playing pew pew it was my first time at the mall and can definitely see why so many people play there. Nice to have met a few guys off of the forum and whoever lent me their speed loader after mine went biscuits, thanks for saving me.
  2. Kit prepped, car packed and ready to leave. See you gents there.
  3. I go alone sometimes, had no dramas, most people are chatty enough.
  4. Single point slings will hang low, if you want it right to your body when not in use try a 3 point sling.
  5. I think I have an addiction. New TM HK 416Devgru with 552 holo sight and a 3x mag flip aside scope.
  6. Soon they’ll be no need for a biff chit, they’re going to be issued to all.
  7. Went there yesterday to sort out my ukara, very nice staff, super helpful, did me a great deal on a TM package and are downgrading my ares for me. Can’t recommend them enough.
  8. AKU’s support like a boot and feel like a slipper 😉
  9. I took the future father in law out for the day for a bit of male bonding, she organised a bbq for the same day, meaning we had to leave at lunch time. I wasn’t a happy bunny.
  10. The only operators us brits have are EOD operators.
  11. My first RIF, Ares M4 RAS short
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